Video of Artist Trading Coins, Days 81-90

Hello!  I’m here today with Video #9 in a series of ten on ATCs.  Each video is a very brief (2-3 minute) flip through showing this batch of ten Artist Trading Coins (ATCs). I made one hundred of them this year as part of The 100 Day Project.

Artist Trading Coins Class

I also filmed and hosted a brand new online mixed media art workshop called All About ATCs based on them! This class will be available again in the New Year.   If you're interested in hearing more when it's open again, please enter your email for updates.

Artist Trading Coin Video #9

Video of Artist Trading Coins Days 81-90 of 100 (Marjie Kemper)

You can watch this new video on YouTube or by clicking the image below.   If you enjoy it, please subscribe and give it a thumbs up on YouTube.

I've enjoyed making these videos using a variety of techniques and mediums.  Although I hesitate every year when The 100 Day Project comes along, I'm always glad when I've completed it.

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