Tuesday’s Tutorials, Week 35 ~ Featuring Evgenia Kovtun

Welcome to Week 35 of my Tuesday’s Tutorials blog series, where each week I feature art tutorials created by different artists from around the world. This series has grown from a year-long blog series called Tuesday’s Texture. You can find out more about the transition from one series to the next in this post.

Tuesday's Tutorials Weekly Mixed Media Blog Series (Marjie Kemper)

This week’s featured artist is Evgenia Kovtun, who lives in Kiev, Ukraine.  I love the way Evgenia’s created this set of Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) with unity in terms of colors and supplies, yet each still has its own personality to stand alone.

mixed media ATCs by Evgenia Kovtun via Marjie Kemper's Tuesday's Tutorials Weekly Blog Series, Week 35

Evgenia has provided a video tutorial for these beautiful ATCs. You can click the image below to watch the video or click here to watch on YouTube.

I hope you enjoy this weekly feature and that it introduces you to techniques that inspire you, and to artists who may not yet be on your radar.
mixed media ATCs by Evgenia Kovtun via Marjie Kemper's Tuesday's Tutorials Weekly Blog Series, Week 35

I’ve combined all the art from the two series in one Photo Gallery for easy viewing. You can also see all the art from the two series on my Pinterest Board dedicated to this topic.

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Friday Morning Periscopes in February with Marjie Kemper

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  1. nice choose of colors !

  2. Fabulous ATC’s. Evgenia’s work is gorgeous! Hugs, Sandra

  3. Great find Marjie and a fun video to watch!

  4. Cheryl Johnson says:

    What an inspiring video. Thank you very much.

  5. Bright, colorful and textural. All my favorite things. xox

  6. Marjie – Another wonderful artist you have selected. I love Evgenia’s artwork – and always try to catch her new videos.

  7. Beautiful – it would be fun to adapt these to cards. Great inspiration.

  8. Fabulous set of cards, great colour choices! The video is excellent too

  9. Her work is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1