Tuesday’s Tutorials ~ ABC

Welcome! I am on an adventure this week and uncertain about the internet, so I’m not featuring an individual artist  in case I have trouble with connectivity.  I wouldn’t be able to give the featured artist their due, so for safety’s sake, I’m posting a compilation of past projects.

: Tuesday's Tutorials Weekly Blog Series (Marjie Kemper hosts a different artist every week with their own art tutorials)

That brought up it’s own conundrum… how to draw some commonality between all the previously featured artists (52 in Tuesday’s Texture, and 42 so far in Tuesday’s Tutorials!)

Tuesday's Tutorials Weekly Blog Series features different artists each week at marjiekemper.com

I decided to go very simply with an ABC theme, and have linked below to three of the previously featured artists whose names begin with A, B and C. Clicking the link  below each photo will take you the original posts, with additional photos and links to the full tutorials.

Mixed media art journal by Anita Saeloen via Marjie Kemper's Tuesday's Tutorials Blog Series, Week 14

Week 14 – Amanda Saeloen

Vibrant art journal by Bobbi Smith via Marjie Kemper's Weekly Tuesday's Tutorials Blog Series, Week 8

Week 8 – Bobbi Smith

art journal video by CeeCee Cote via Marjie Kemper's Weekly Tuesday's Tutorials Blog Series, Week 31

Week 31 – Catherine Cote

Tuesday’s Tutorials will resume next week with another wonderful artist… this time, someone from Australia.

I hope you enjoy this weekly feature and that it introduces you to techniques that inspire you, and to artists who may not yet be on your radar. I’ve combined all the art from the two series in one Photo Gallery for easy viewing. You can also see all the art from the two series on my Pinterest Board dedicated to this topic.

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  1. Great idea Marjie, lovely to see these again! Hope you are having an amazing time….. xxx

  2. Hope you are having fun on your adventure!!! LOVING these creations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Enjoy those travels!! Great photos on Facebook!