Tuesday’s Texture #19 – Featuring Heather Jacob

Welcome to Week 19 in my Tuesday’s Texture blog series, where each Tuesday I share a piece of textured art that caught my eye somewhere in the Blogosphere.

TT19 - Heather Jacob

This lovely creation comes from Heather Jacob, who lives in Australia. Isn’t it gorgeous?  I think my eyes have wandered over every square inch!  Be sure to visit Heather’s blog for the full details.

TT19A - Heather Jacob

I hope you enjoy this weekly feature and that it may introduce you to artists who might not yet be on your radar.

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  1. Just saw your Kitchen Sink video and your book is amazing. Love it. Btw do you do any online classes?

  2. Love both the vintage color palette and the layering here, Marjie! Great, great texture adds to the dimension. Looked around the blog and there is definitely more to be seen here! Great find!

  3. I love both the amazing texture and the wonderful grungy colours in this piece. Just stunning, thanks for highlighting this x

  4. Fabulous to see some of Heather’s work here – and what a beauty this is!
    Alison xx

  5. I love Heather’s work…been to her blog and she is one talented lady! Thx for sharing!

  6. Fabulous art! x

  7. What an amazing artist to have as your feature! Heather’s art always leaves me in awe…she has an amazing eye for detail and colours…Congratulations on this feature Heather…

  8. You are so right Marjie, this is gorgeous, I could just sit and look at it for ages! Well spotted. Anne xx

  9. Heather is AMAZING! I love her!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Oh how wonderful to see Heather featured here! She and I have been blog friends for years, and this July I actually had the pleasure of meeting her in person. To my eyes she is the best scrapbooker in the world, I love and admire her work! This piece from one of her journals is amazing!!!

  11. I love and know Heather’s work well after I too found this page posted on Pinterest. It really is so rich in both colour and texture of which your never tires. Great find!