First Time Selling at a Craft Show

Thanks for all the encouragement last week about taking my first booth at a holiday fair! It happened on Sunday, and it went very well. Here’s a shot of me and my space:

Most people hadn’t heard of mixed media before but they seemed interested and I had quite a few sales. My sister Cathy helped me and it was great to have a second pair of hands and eyes. I was also really lucky to find a tag sale on Saturday where a woman was selling store fixtures for next to nothing. I purchased the best little dress and two metal racks that held my magnets:


I also had many sizes of canvases:

Last night I added the remaining magnets and canvases to my Etsy shop. Please pop over to see the full inventory if you’re looking for any gifts, stocking stuffers, etc.

Thanks so much for the visit.  Have a great week!


Your comments are very much appreciated!


  1. you look wonderful! I love your booth and your display stands are so for the art it is dynamic! awesome! fabulous ! I am so proud of you!
    susan s.

  2. What a beautiful collection of work, I’m pleased the craft fair went well for you.
    Thanks for your lovely comment’s on my blog, don’t know how I have not been here before.
    mark x

  3. CONGRATS, Marjie! Your table looks amazing! great artwork. Always enjoyed looking at your vibrant creations, I think lots of people admire that too :). funky dress form, love the display :). HOORAY!!

  4. Judging from this photograph you look like a seasoned pro!
    So professional and what a stunning array of artwork Marjie.
    I could not help but zoom in on that dress stand 🙂
    Wonderful that you opened so many eyes to Mixed Media.

  5. Ohh Marjie, how cool that you sold quite a few of your beautiful pieces! What a wonderful idea! Hugs, Sandra

  6. Your booth looks lovely! So glad it went well for you! Your works are beautiful, Marji; full of color and loaded with detail!

  7. impressive looking booth!

  8. Sooooo glad this all went well. Your stall looks amazing – no wonder people wanted to find out more. Well done for finding those fabulous display items too. Those can make all the difference. Onwards and upwards now:) Hugs, Buttons x

  9. Looks GOOD!!! And I’m glad things went well!!!

  10. You had some GREAT looking stuff there! I’m so glad it went well. I love the display things you found, it really made your stuff pop!
    You and your projects look wonderful!!! Best to you, Renee

  11. Congratulations, it is great that it went so well. Your stall looks very inviting.

  12. Your stand looks amazing, so much amazing work on display, fabulously eye-catching. Those metal racks are genius, and suit your work so well! So glad to hear it went well – congratulations!
    Alison xx

  13. Hi Marjie, so glad to hear that all went well and that you made some sales too, that’s great news. Love your new metal display shelves, they show your beautiful work off to it’s best advantage. I keep looking at my beautiful new pieces, created by you, and marvel at them every day……. Hugs, Anne x

  14. Marilyn Mae says:

    Congratulations on your booth. I am glad for you that it went well. Beautiful works of ART. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Looks beautiful, Marjie! Love your displays! Congratulations on your first show!

  16. Beautiful display! Love all your metal stands.

  17. Your stand looks fabulous Marjie, no wonder you made plenty of sales! x

  18. Way to go girl! It looks fabulous!

  19. You are a class act, Marjie. Everything looks just beautiful.. no wonder you did great. Great presentation.

  20. Looks great Marjie. Gorgeous colours. So glad it went well. Here’s to the next one. X
    Maybe see you in Scotland at one of our fair’s x

  21. Your table looks great with your artwork Marjie! Nice, that you were satisfied about the selling…and so lucky with th stuff you could buy!
    greetings, Alie 🙂

  22. First…you look great! Second…the set up looks fantastic…so many makes…so many I recognize! Third…so jealous of your display metal stands that you found! It was creative fate! They house everything perfectly! Just gorgeous! So proud of you!!!

  23. Loving your great stall, so pleased you did well. xx

  24. Seeing all those pieces together is pure eye candy! Love all the colors! Your display is fabulous and that you got the fixtures at a good price too! No wonder you had a good show!

  25. Brilliant news, glad it went well, and what fabulous stands you acquired. I knew you could do it, your photo looks fab.
    Hugs Brenda xxx

  26. Glad it went well for you. I sold Longaberger and actually used to demo rubber stamps for an independent distributer and the craft shows were kind of fun. They seem to be losing their appeal around here right now. Love the displays you have. Good luck with future events!

  27. I was wondering why I had not seen much of you and now I remember!! So happy that it all went well! The first time doing anything is scary, but GF, you just keep grabbing that bull by the horns! Very nice display! Hugs!

  28. I love how the racks add height to your display. Perfect!
    The next question is….. would you do it again?

  29. Congrats Marjie! Sounds like you were successful and had a good time! Your table looks fab too!!

  30. wow, impressive booth! so happy it went more than well 🙂
    xx france

  31. April Lopez says:

    Love your new displays. I would have bought lots of your stuff if I was there. Love your work.

  32. Your display looks AMAZING!! Congrats on all the sales!! That is AWESOME!!!!!

  33. What a fantastic display. So glad it was successful! No surprise, your art pieces are amazing! And what lucky finds with those cool display racks.

  34. Looks fantastic Marjie. I really like your display and the racks with the tags and smaller pieces. Glad you enjoyed the experience and will now do more……Table looked really nice and so professional. xox

  35. kathy/NorthCarolina says:

    Well done! Your table looks great. I always use black table covers, as everything seems to pop off them. (I use cheap black sheets from Wal-Mart) Love your display pieces…that was good timing, wasn’t it? Such beautiful artwork, Marjie! Give yourself a pat on the back. Now that you’ve broken the ice, the sky is the limit! Yay, you!

  36. Your crafting space looks beautiful. Fantastic, that your selling was successful 🙂

  37. Glad you were successful! Hugs, Valerie