"Thanks for providing this workshop which gives me skills, techniques, and ideas for all kinds of art. I am 80 years old. I love that even at this late stage in my life I am learning to PLAY with art! I’ve always taken it too seriously in the past. Now’s the time for fun!"

Linda H. Smith

"Taking this class is a must if you plan on teaching your craft. Marjie gives you the best instructions. She really helps you put everything into perspective. Instructional materials are awesome! This class went above and beyond my expectations."

Angela Huggins, Jersey City, New Jersey

"I’ve taken a lot of mixed media art courses but this course is one of my absolute favorites. I am having fun experimenting with lots of different techniques. I hope this course will never end!"

Anita Saeloen

"Having a business class designed for artists is amazing. This might be the most helpful class I have ever taken. I see a use for everything Marjie has given us."

Annette Ballard,Victor, Idaho

"I have worked with Distress Inks but always struggled with color choices and layering. You are a wonderful instructor…thank you!"

Elisha Drake

"Marjie simplified social media and how to use all the various platforms easily. This class gave me the tools I need to grow my art instruction business quickly and easily."

Karlene Schoonover, Denton, Texas

"I want you to know that your classes have changed the way I craft. Instead of reaching for several different sheets of paper to match a mini album I’m working on, I now get out my inks, stains, and embossing powders. I have to say, I absolutely love the results. Thank you so much!"

Cher Smith

"I would highly recommend this in depth course to anyone considering getting into teaching in the creative industry. All aspects of teaching are covered in this easy to follow course. Even if you are a seasoned teacher like myself, there were so many tips and angles to approach situations I was happy to learn and add to my war chest of knowledge. I have been virtually creating alongside my good friend Marjie for years and jumped at the chance to learn from her extensive knowledge she shares."

Nicole Wright, Alberta, Canada

"This is probably one of the BEST classes I have taken to date! I am fairly new to mixed media and you have shown me so many techniques that I know I can do. You are a great instructor and I hope you will offer more classes in the future."

Karen Gonz

"Marjie has inspired me to go forward with teaching. I have not been so motivated in several years! This class was full of information, and process. I learned what I need and what can be shelved. The class was incredible and for once I feel empowered. I wish I could bring Marjie home to live in my studio."

Mary Ellen Maney, Oxbridge, Massachusetts

"You single-handedly got me over my fear of mixed media art."

Aria Semtra

"I have successfully and with LESS STRESS taught my first 3 hour long live class, all thanks to Marjie Riordan Kemper's Teaching your Passion! Marjie has thought of everything in this very extensive and thorough class on how to teach live an on line. She has broken everything down to bite-sized nuggets of knowledge so you never feel overwhelmed. If you only have 5mins here and there THAT is all you need! In fact I think I fully absorbed the information better that way with the small but informative modules. Working at my own pace gave me time to let each poignant piece of information really sink in and I could see how it would pertain to me personally."

Carole Monahan, Stamford, CT

"This class has brought a great burst of creativity into my life. I am absolutely loving all the All About ATCs class videos. The explanations are clear, never boring, and bring up step by step to the final result. Thank you!"

Royce Ann Woody

"I really enjoyed this wonderful course! Marjie’s manner is upbeat, encouraging, supportive, and inclusive. I benefited from her vast experience. The interaction with Marjie and other students allowed us to share what had worked for us and what we needed help with. And Marjie was able to answer our specific questions and share ideas related to our fields of interest, which will, I am sure, make our teaching better. She made new techniques seem easy, something very valuable to me! The course comes with lots of helpful hints, tips and checklists, so after the class is over there is a wonderful body of PDFs to refer back to."

Marilee McKelvey, Brewster, Massachusetts

"Your lessons on layering, embellishments, collage and assembly were invaluable to me."

Carol Harper

"I encourage anyone thinking about the Teaching Your Passion course to spend the time and take the motivation the course provides as a concrete action that can help you move towards your teaching goals.
Marjie’s thoroughness in creating step by step lesson plans will bring your attention to many details that together create a complete professional experience for your students. The course is an excellent tool that will help you work thorough details of creating an online presence, creating courses and then contacting venues and how to build your presence. Her own experiences building a brand over ten years and figuring all of this out over time will help you be a professional when the unforeseen happens and anticipate issues that minimize these inevitable challenges. With all of this experience comes a wealth of online resources she has created over time. I enjoyed reading her posts and seeing how she has put strategies in action over time. There is so much good information presented in an easy format that will help you think about presenting yourself in a professional manner, I’m looking to transition from teaching to consulting. I think the printouts about time management, creating a social media presence and maintaining a relevant audience are the things that will help me be successful as I grow into my new role. I found the course to be highly informative and inspiring."

Leah Bruton, Astoria, NY

"I love your classes so much. You are a great teacher. I especially like that when ‘mistakes’ happen while you are filming, you do not edit them out.  You show us how to fix them or save them. You are my perfect kind of teacher!"

Wilma Bass

"I really enjoyed this class! Marjie’s honesty really spoke to me. There were so many social media tips. I can teach online and not be a ‘social’ butterfly. Online is the way to go for me along with a bit of local teaching."

Linda Naprstek, Hope, New Jersey

"This series is exactly what I need to restore my creativity."

Julie Stein

"Your technique videos on Distress Oxides just made me fall in love with my oxides all over again!  Thank you so much for putting this class together."

Cyndi Landrigan

"Marjie’s class was the first art class I ever took. I learned more than I knew I had to learn! She is a natural teacher."

Terri Dugnolle

"Best class I ever took!"

Valerie Ann Thorpe

"My first go at this kind of art. So much information and great ideas!  I did not know what to do at first, so I made it simple. Thanks for the ideas!"

Kelly Dannemann

"Thank you so much for teaching this class. I have learned many different techniques and tips. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every minute learning with you.  I’m sad the class is ending!"

Beverly Burch Ferguson

"Marjie’s Craftsy class was the best money I have ever spent on a class. I have gone through it three times and am getting ready to do it again.  Every time I learn something new!"

Jeanie Cauthon Martin

"I'm just so clueless when it comes to Distress Inks. Thanks so much for helping me understand how to use them. I love your suggestion that patterned paper is 'just a suggestion from whoever made that paper' and that we can customize all things however we like. A revolutionary idea for me!"

Chris Horton

"Thanks for reminding me how much fun this kind of art can be. This class allowed me to use my distress inks and sprays which I love, but somehow shy away from. Loved the various techniques you showed us and will definitely use them going forward. I’m really looking forward to other classes you offer!"

Moni Friend

"I sure have been enjoying this class. So many great ideas, and so much information I did not take. I have learned so much about the different kinds of ink available and how to use them. I’m so glad I took the class."

Sandy Ollar