Talk Story (formerly Art Is You)

Talk Story

Have you heard the news? Art Is You has reworked itself and is returning to Stamford this fall as TALK STORY!  Here's a peek at all the instructors.  I am honored to be part of this tribe! 

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Talk Story will include lots of amazing art classes and as a unique offering for those who want to teach, we are including a live version of my own Teaching Your Passion course.  I'm super excited to teach this course live in a two-day workshop, and then to grant Talk Story students LIFETIME ACCESS to the online version of the course.   I share everything I've learned in years of teaching in stores and at conferences and retreats.  I'll explain what you need to do to create your own courses and get hired to teach locally, nationally, or online, as well as how to self-host your own courses.

If you are new to the Art Is You family, please know this is a very special community and their retreats are like none other that I've ever attended.  Check out my recaps of previous Art Is You events here.

Here is a link that details EVERYTHING included in this course.  Normally it runs online for 4-weeks.  For this special live event, we will go deep into a great deal of content over two days, and then you will have access to all the online course materials to work through at your own pace.  Here's what we will cover in Stamford:

Teaching Your Passion live 2-day workshop with Marjie Kemper at Stamford CT Art Is You - Talk Story - October 2018

Teaching Your Passion™ 2-day Live Workshop

Day One specifically addresses Pitching, Planning, Preparing, Polishing, Promoting and Selling Your Classes.

Teaching Your Passion (Day One) live 2-day workshop with Marjie Kemper at Stamford CT Art Is You - Talk Story - October 2018

Day Two focuses on visuals and tech.  I'll bring in all my equipment and teach you how to make videos and graphics for your website and social media.

Teaching Your Passion (Day Two) live 2-day workshop with Marjie Kemper at Stamford CT Art Is You - Talk Story - October 2018

As a special bonus, students who take Teaching Your Passion™ in Stamford will receive LIFETIME ACCESS to the online version of this course, as well as a 175-page workbook. You'll find a full breakdown on all that's included in the online version of the course here.


Here's what past students have to say about the class:

“I have successfully and with less stress taught my first 3-hour live class, all thanks to Marjie Kemper's Teaching Your Passion™ course! 

Marjie has thought of everything in this very extensive and thorough class. She's broken everything down to bite-size nuggets of knowledge so you never feel overwhelmed.”

… Carole Monahan (USA)

I would highly recommend this in-depth course to anyone considering getting into teaching in the creative industry. All aspects of teaching are covered in this easy to follow course.  

Even if you are a seasoned teacher like myself, there were so many tips and angles to approach situations I was happy to learn and add to my war chest of knowledge. 

I have been virtually creating alongside my good friend Marjie for years and jumped at the chance to learn from her extensive knowledge she shares.”

… Nicole Wright (Canada)

Feel free to email me if you have any questions. I'll be sure to get back to you.  Hope to see you this Fall!