Stenciling on Fabric


 Mid-December means end of year posts, and sharing things I meant to blog earlier. I made this apron for Art-Is-You 2013, and I made it with one of  StencilGirl Products’ monthly club stecncils.  My honey took this picture for me on Friday as I didn’t have a really clear one from the fall event.

Registration for  Art-Is-You 2014 opens soon, and I am very happy to be one of the instructors this year.  Here’s how my apron came together… masks made of post-its, and fabric paints added in increments:





And here’s my sister Fern who flew into CT for her first ever Art-Is-You this year.  I think and hope it’s now on her permanent calendar for Columbus Day Weekend each year.


And here are three of my amazing Art-Is-You friends.  We met as strangers in 2012.  Have you seen their blogs? That’s Carolyn Dube, Jessica Sporn, and Judy Shea.   Jessica and I spent the day together yesterday at a Donna Downey workshop, but that’s a post for another day.


Thanks for visiting!  Have a terrific week.


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  1. I love your apron, Marjie. Very elegant!

  2. I love the beautiful design on your apron and also your lovely photos. Hope the weather is not being too unkind to you at the moment….. Hugs, Anne x

  3. Fern Edwards says:

    That apron is awesome and I love the behind the scenes peak at how you made it. AIY was so inspiring, as was meeting so many talented artists, I am totally planning on making it an annual event!

  4. How fun to get all inky with your sister! Love the apron stenciling which sure adds a nice and personal touch! Enjoy the week and congrats again, GF!

  5. Really cool to stencil in fabric! What a great idea! Love the apron! And so much fun to have your sister there with you! Hugs, Sandra

  6. Completely fabulous and so you!
    What a beautiful photograph with your sister and all of your art friends.

  7. Love your apron Marjie! Looks like you had a lot of creative fun with your sister & friends.
    Alison x

  8. The apron looks fabulous, Marjie… and I love all those smiling faces at the Art is You event! Hope you are staying safe and warm – I see there are snow warnings hitting you again… take care.
    Alison xx

  9. Love the apron – and seeing how it came together. I have so enjoyed following along on your blog this year. I love your work and your bright and zingy palette has inspired me as I moved back into painting again – thank you, thank you, thank you!! Have a wonderful Christmas Marjie! xoxo Pauline

  10. Your apron is great!!! The flower you stenciled on it is gorgeous and shows up so well on the black!! I bet everyone loved it and wanted to know how…. thanks for sharing it with us. 🙂

  11. Such an awesome apron! I love that you have your own art work on your apron!!

  12. I love the apron, I really like that it is black, your design is fab!

  13. Love, Love the apron Marjie and such cute friends you have. Next year I hope to be in that photo…really missed you guys this year….Jan 1, looking at classes YAY xox

  14. I feel so blessed to have met you at Art Is You- and it just keeps getting better and better! Is it Oct. yet so we can all get together again? Fingers crossed Fern is coming too!

  15. Lovely apron Marjie!

  16. I’ve been wanting to make an apron of my own..and I LOVE yours. So much fun at AiY this year with you and our friends. Fern is the best. Please get her to come back.

  17. I have been admiring your apron ever since AIY. Love seeing how it came together. I so hope Fern becomes a regular too! Thanks for the shout out and sending you warm wishes that all you imagine for 2014 becomes your reality. xo

  18. Such a personal apron now, the result…hope your sister has a craft addiction too, now 🙂

    kind regards, Alie

  19. Marvelous! I never would have thought to stencil an apron adding this to the (WWMD list of things to remember 🙂 Will this lovely apron be accompanying you to CHA ? It should be. Gah! Can’t believe we’ll be in CA in a few weeks!


  20. Your apron is just fantastic!!! So. Much. Fun.

  21. awesome to see your sister Fern you do look alike love the project.awesome Marjie.

  22. Love love love love your apron!!! It is GORGEOUS!!!