StencilGirl Blog Hop + Giveaways


The StencilGirl creative team is showcasing Andrew Borloz’s Crossed Rounds & Squares Stencil today with a Blog Hop (sort of a progressive visit, from one blog to the next). Click on any photo to enlarge.

StencilGirl Products will be having a giveaway, and some of the team members will have personal giveaways, too. The more blogs you comments on, the better your chances of winning.


I was surprised by how many different looks I could achieve with this stencil, especially the crossed circles, which remind me of hammered nail heads.  I love that Andrew designed it so the circles and squares can be stacked and layered on top of one another.


I used a combination of paints, stamps, and rub-ons before applying gel medium through the stencil.  I let it dry overnight and came back and buffed some of the raised areas with paint the next day.  I ran the torn book pages through my Xyron® 5” Creative Station before the stenciling.

Now back to the Blog Hop.  Here’s the order:

StencilGirl Talk

Marjie Kemper (you are here)

Kirsten Reed

Leslie Jenison

Sami Harding

Corrine Gilman

Janet Joehlin

Linda Kittmer 

Carolyn Dube

Paula Phillips

Mary C. Nasser 


I’m giving away the 6X6  stencil from the June StencilClub packet (shown in the lower left hand section of the photo below):


Just leave a comment below if you’d like to win it.  I’d also appreciate your following, friending, subscribing, etc. using any of the navy buttons in the righthand side bar.  I’ll announce the winner next Saturday, August 3rd.


Remember, if you’re in the New York City area I will be teaching at The Ink Pad on Saturday, August 10th — details are here:  Ink Pad Class with Marjie Kemper.


Be sure to visit the other blogs for more ideas on using Andrew’s cool stencil, and more chances to win.  Thanks for the visit!


Your comments are very much appreciated!


  1. Love, love, love this one Marjie. The design is perfect. Hugs, Jenny x

  2. Love the colour way of this journal page…and what fab circles!

  3. That’s a fab stencil Marjie, & your page is wonderful! I just adore those LP buildings! x

  4. Christy Brink says:

    I’d love a chance to win this lovely stencil.

  5. Super cool stencils Marjie! I love all the different looks you have going on this page…talk about versatility! I’m smitten by the colors you chose the bright yellows and oranges toned down by the bold black imagery with pops of blue are a match made in art journal heaven!


  6. Valerie Gilreath says:

    These are beautiful layouts using the stencil! Thank you for the inspiration. I really like these blog hops. I’ve been introduced to several new blogs (yours included) that I would have never known about otherwise. Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. This is just so gorgeous. I love the color palette…and the dreamlike quality you built into the page. The city skyline is such a powerful image…and then, right in the heart of all that beautiful ink is your heart on the page. Sigh….perfection!

  8. I love the colors you used and how you used the stencils. I want to subscribe to your blog.

  9. Leann Lindeman says:

    Awesome! I would love to win!!!!!!!

  10. oh, wow! Well, I am really behind on my blog hopping, as well as everything else it seems. First and foremost – great page. I love your palette and the stencil. And speaking of stencils- I didn’t know Andrew was designing for Stencil Girl- I love him. I’ve been in a class with him and he just sits there working and before you know it- tada! – he has created a masterpiece. So I’m glad you posted this- I didn’t know he was designing, I saw him on the teacher list for Art – Is and I’m so happy to see his really cool stencil. I must check out his other designs as well. 🙂

  11. Barbara Morrison says:

    I just love what you have managed to do with these stencils.

  12. Wow, that’s gorgeous. Love the colors and your hand-writing.

  13. Love love love this. The colors and all the layers are my favorite. I cannot wait to try something like this out.

  14. Nice! I love the cityscape and the texture! Fondly, Tami

  15. Very nice sample with the stencils. Love your work.

  16. Great thanks for sharing

  17. Jackie Byers says:

    Love your stuff. Makes my creative juices flow. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Michelle says:

    How beautiful! Looks antique!

  19. interesting way to get people to new blogs. i would have never found this without this hop

  20. Carmen Lucero says:

    I am in awe at all the different looks everyone is getting with the same set of stencils. I would love the June stencil packet! Thanks for the generosity!

    Carmen L

    I am following you on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and instagram!

  21. Gorgeous piece! Found you from the blog hop, following you now!!

  22. Candy Edwards says:

    So many yummy things to look at. Love it.

  23. Your beautiful & colorful layering caught my attention, and of course the creative use of Andrew’s cool stencil. Wondering exactly what you meant by buffing the raised areas with paint?

    • Marjie Kemper says:

      Hello, Sandy. Somehow this comment/question ended up in my Spam folder and I’ve just found it now. Sorry for the delay, and thanks for the visit! What I meant about buffing was that I lightly applied paint in a brushing motion just over the raised areas of Andrew’s crossed circles.

  24. you have made a tremendous journal entry, I love the colors & textures… and all the stenciling made it really pop and pull everything together. well done.

  25. Lori Weisberg says:

    I was right… a very versatile stencil. I love what you did with it. The blue really makes your pages pop!

  26. Saranne says:

    Love your use of the stencil on your journal!

  27. Lovely use of textures and colours and another gorgeous stencil.

  28. I’m blog-hopping… this is my comment! I’m gonna go look at the rest of your blog, now… ooo shiny colors and fun! 😉

  29. Bluefrog32 says:

    Very nice! Love using my Xyron, too! I’ve started collecting these cool stencils and love them!

  30. Charlene says:

    Oh I love the colors on this spread! Thanks for a chance to win a stencil!

  31. Karin Boulanger says:

    Love the colours of your page. I have yet to try pastes or textures with my stencils. Maybe it’s time?

  32. It’s a great stencil, Marjie (kudos to Andrew) and you have used its creativity to the max! Stacking, who new? Great color palette on this one. Off to hop a bit!

  33. Sandy Lane says:

    Love your art work & also please enter me in the stencil drawing

  34. Wowwwww, wirklich wunderbar!

    LG Carola

  35. I am fascinated with the stencils and their uses. I work primarily in fabric so love this. Thanks

  36. Renee G says:

    I’d love a stencil. Thank you

  37. This spread is awesome. Gorgeous colors and patterns. Love the bird cage.

  38. I really love this page, you make this stencil sing! Thanks for sharing your techniques. I’ve added you to Bloglovin too.

  39. Stunning….love your colors!

  40. Luv the layers!!

  41. Nancy Lee says:

    What wonderful, warm colors! You have a treasure of a picture here.

  42. Thanks for the chance. I love hopping. I learn so much!

  43. j elizabeth ballard says:

    Oh, I’d like to win the gorgeous stencil!

  44. j elizabeth ballard says:

    I love the richness of your layers. I am always hesitant to put more on for fear of “ruining” what’s there. Love the stencils!

  45. love what you did with the stencil Marjie, think it’s awesome how many things you can do with it….. we really have to look different at stencils cause the possibilities are endless!
    Great you’re giving away one of them, thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  46. Marjie, your spread is very rich in color.. beautiful!

  47. Susan Samuel says:

    Brilliant art journal page.

  48. Marcy F. says:

    Love the stencils and the colors and different layers on page.

  49. That is a gorgeous journal page, I love the colours & all the layers look great.

  50. The Ink Pad is a great name for the business. Love your colors & the way you overlap designs.

  51. Marjie, wish I did live in NYC to take a class with you. Your journal is wonderfully full of texture, texture, texture!

  52. Gorgeous work, as always! Love seeing your “stuff” on facebook, too!

  53. Michele parish says:

    What I live about this is how you show us the awesome ways you can use this stencil. Layering is a great use of this stencil. I am a “newbie” so all the help I can get is a must. Thank you for the offer.

  54. Paula Collins says:

    I love your pages. I just joined the stencil girl website. Thanks for the chance to win.

  55. Great use of Andrew’s stencil!

  56. I really like the pages you created and the way you used Andrew’s stencil. I would love to win, thinks for the wonderful presentation.

  57. Helen Markee says:

    I love how you used Andy’s stencil. and I love the stencil you are giving away!!! Thanks for the inspiration

  58. My goodness your work is amazing, all the great colours. xxx

  59. Lots of texture and layers here. It gives a lovely aged feel to your work.

  60. I love your pages. They are so beautiful.

  61. Lovely , mhmmm I have an old Xyron, may be ought to get it out more. Love the layers of paper plus layers of paint and stencil.

  62. just amazing!

  63. Awesome! Your talent just shines through 🙂

  64. Another great post, another great piece. I love the colors and all the layers. The giveaway is just a bonus. Thanks for sharing. (((HUGS)))
    Kim <3

  65. Just love the design of these pages Marjie, such great depth of colour and layers that draw the eye into it and finished with fabulous texture and images. Great job.
    hugs {brenda} x0x

  66. Wowwwwwwwwwwww! This is gorgeous! I love love love the colors!!

  67. Beautiful.. Love this page… Thanks for sharing!

  68. Hi Marjie, I think you are the queen of using a zillion stencils in one project and you can still have it come out classy. I just love your color combo and suject choice. I love that birdcage hanging over the city. Fab piece!

  69. i wanted to be sure i left a comment for your giveaway, i recently signed on to your blog to be a follower and am alot of fun going to your blog! tx for always sharing and inspiring us marjie, aloha, angi in hana

  70. Love this page. This stencil is so versatile and looks great everywhere.

  71. Angela Daly says:

    I’m so happy to find you through The Stencil Girl web site, your work is great, so full of color and inspiring, and I will look for you in youtube. Looking forward to start a Stencil Girl Stencils collection.
    Angela Daly

  72. Melanie says:

    I would love to win!

  73. love what you did with the stencil-wonderful

  74. Dotti C says:

    Love this stencil…it’s like having a closet full of mix and match clothes!

  75. I’d love to win you stencil and/or Andrews! Thanks.

  76. Sue Clarke says:

    This is so intricate that I could get lost looking at it for hours. Gorgeous colors.

  77. Debbie Adams says:

    Love the depth & warmth of colour in your journal page. The nail head stencil lifts off the page.
    Beautiful stencils. Thanks for the chance to win.

  78. Hey Margie-I’m following you on YouTube now so I won’t miss any of the goodness you create. I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time. Love the versatility of this new stencil.

  79. I would love to win a stencil! This one looks really neat too! Love stencil girl stuff am a huge fan ! Hope to win more! Thank for having this giveaway! !!! Sanna

  80. I love your page, especially the birdhouse. I am just starting a stencil collection and this stencil would be a great one to add to it. thanks for giving me a chance to win one

  81. Rita Montgomery says:

    How beautiful your work is. I like the idea of using gel medium thru the stencil.
    Cool effect. Thanks for the inspiration

  82. Kathy Hunt says:

    Great use of the stencil, Marjie!

  83. Susan Samuel says:

    Wow! Can’t believe it’s time for Christmas makes again. This would be a delightful addition to my Christmas stash.

  84. Janelle R says:

    Your page is totally awesome. I love your use of the stencil and the colors. Subscribed to your blog and look forward to seeing more! Thanks for sharing and a chance to win the stencil!
    Janelle R

  85. Love the colors you used!

  86. as always LOVE you and your art work!!! thanks for the chance to win!

  87. This looks a great stencil – so versatile!

  88. Very beautiful spread Marjie!

  89. Love your journal spread and the way you’ve incorporated this amazing stencil in your work. I so wish I could take a class with you – I’ve never been to New York City, but sure would take part if I were there!!

  90. Love your pages – they look like they are from a very old book!

  91. Rich and atmospheric!

  92. I love how you used this geometric stencil in such a random way and gave it a very vintage feel. Would love to win either stencil! Thanks for sharing.

  93. Your page is so yummy and I love the effect the stencils made! So great!

  94. I love your page! Amazing!

  95. Your journal pages are simply amazing!! And thanks for the chance to win the stencil!!

  96. Love what you did with this stencil. Those little touches of blue just sing on the background.

  97. kate pyle says:

    I really like this spread. The background is so rich with color and texture: very inspiring.

  98. Love the layering in this page and the use of mediums with the stencil.

  99. Kristin M says:

    Love the dimension the gel medium gave the piece, and the warm colors and feel.

  100. Barbara I. says:

    Beautiful journal pages. Thanks for sharing them with us and thanks for the stencil giveaway! What fun. I am new to your blog and will be visiting again.

  101. I am following your blog and have added it to my bloglovn account. I am also following you on Pinterest and I look forward to seeing your designs! I am new to mixed media and I love it. Can’t get enough of the inspiration! Love your gorgeous pages!!! Love the bird cage and the cool torn book pages. Very cool!

  102. Love, love, LOVE your journal page. Thanks for the opportunity to win some stencils!

  103. Great stencils and lovely journal pages.

  104. Sandy Karsten says:

    I love how you have to search for the use of the stencils. They make up the whole but don’t stand out on their own. I am going to have to try matt medium thru a stencil – have never tried that.

  105. Frances says:

    Always inspiring ideas. My mind sparks anew with each email and feature project.

  106. Love how you used this stencil and created dimension too! Nicely done.

  107. Stunning journal spread!

  108. Beautiful pages Marjie … love the torn book pages you added! I’m all registered for your class in NYC! I’m off to get my supplies!

  109. Amazing work you do. Love it!
    phenis2031 at yahoo dot com

  110. Just stunning. This has such an archival, ancient look to it. Beautiful. xoxo

  111. Love your journal pages. so much inspiration.

  112. Your work is beautiful!! Andrew’s stencil is just so versatile! and the June one looks fun too!

  113. This page rocks! Outstanding use of colors and layers. Thanks for sharing it with us!!! 🙂

  114. grandma shelley says:

    Your journal pages are gorgeous…thank you so much for the opportunity to win one of these super stencils!

  115. Your journal pages are beautiful Marjie, I love the colours you used, especially the blue of the stencilling – it really does look like nail heads – love the stencil in your give-away too. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win it! Hugs, Anne x

  116. Wow that’s very cool! I like the colors you chose 🙂 I am so excited for you to be a part of stencil girl!

  117. Love how you used the stencil and your art is wonderful!

  118. Wow. This is fabulous. I love the depth of color and pattern you achieved and also love the stamps you used!

  119. Elizabeth Kaplan says:

    my first visit, but DEF won’t be my only. =)

  120. Love your pages. You do an amazing job with your layers. Wish I lived closer to take that class.

  121. This is fabulous, Marjie! These look like gorgeous stencils!

    Lucy x

  122. I am fairly new to using stencils and I look forward to the blog hop for lots insparations!

  123. well I could brag all day on your art…some days on face book I trey lol I love your style you have developed and the way you found your own unique form of art.
    awesome piece
    susan s

  124. The rich golds/yellows! Love this with the ripped text! The blue just pops!

  125. Love these pages you created!! The little bit of contrast color from the x’d circles is great! And all the other elements…. fantastic page!

  126. I just love the background work with all the beautiful colors. The is awesome and so are the stencils.

  127. i love what u did, so many talented artists already in this blog hop! tx for sharing, aloha, angi in hana

  128. Looks great ~ love the layers and depth of your pages!

  129. This stencil is very cool…and you did an amazing job using it. Love your colours and everything about the page!

  130. Fantastic.. I love so many things about this page.. the ripped paper, the teal cross circles. Achieve, you did.

  131. Fabulous page Marjie.
    They certainly do look like nail heads which is rather cool.

  132. Beautiful page!!!

  133. Marilyn H says:

    Love this!

  134. WOW! Your work is beautiful! I will definitely become a follower & browse when I have a chance!

  135. I love the feel of this page. Thanks for sharing.

  136. Linda on the Prairie says:

    Even on the flat screen, this looks like so many levels have built up. The color choices emphasize that dimensionality.

  137. Another great journal page, Marjie! Love the added touches of red with the vibrant yellow! Fabulous!

  138. very cool journal page

  139. Beautiful piece of art. Great use of Andrew’s stencil

  140. Thanks for the chance to win this great stencil . I am a new follower via bloglovin.

  141. Marjie, I love the warm, layered look you achieved. Beautiful. It’s fun to see how many different ways we came up with for using the same stencil!

  142. Denise Spillane says:

    Love your work, how you used this stencil an am a big fan!

  143. Terry Larsen says:

    I’m just getting started art journaling and stenciling and love all this beautiful inspiration!! Thanks!

  144. Love these pages, especially the colors you used.

  145. Carol C says:

    What a great example of what to do with these stencils!!

  146. Great pages…great stencil!

  147. Linda Cameron says:

    Love this page and how you used the stencil. Lovely combination of yellows and black.

  148. Karen Buchanan says:

    What a great spread!

  149. Marjie, love the richness of this piece!
    All of the layering is so wonderful!

  150. What a beautiful and dramatic page! I love how you combine the sombre colouring and forms.

  151. LaurieJay says:

    It is so amazing to see from one artist to the next how the same stencil yields different but equally delicious results. Love what you did with this.

  152. Andrew Borloz says:

    Very nice & subtle use of the crossed rounds! Thank you so much!

  153. I like background you’ve created and the page itself!

  154. Great to have found your creative talents. Thank you for sharing and inspiring.

  155. Loving your color palette here Marjie and the raised crossed circles in the turqouoise really stand up = nice. xox

  156. Woo hoo! Great to have a chance to win this stencil. Hopping along.
    Stay inspired!

  157. What a beautiful piece of art!! I am constantly amazed at your talent- you are truly inspiring!! I can’t wait to attend your class at the Ink Pad in NYC next month =)


  158. Love the vintage llok in your art work!

  159. thank you for the chance to win that’s gr8. smilz

  160. Fab project!! The background you achieved is amazing and I love the black coloured stamping on top, stunning spread!!

  161. This is bautiful. I love the colors you have used <3

  162. Love the use of the different media on the page and the possibility of layering the stencil and creating more patterns.

  163. I love your pages. You always have the greatest color combinations.
    It is beautiful. I am really getting into the stencils.
    I sure like Tim’s new ones.

  164. Your right they do look like hammered nail heads! I love the contrast of all the black on the page with the colors, really makes it pop!!!