Power Out, Day 5

Hurrican Sandy 044
We lost power on Monday and I’ll be honest… it isn’t fun anymore. My heart goes out to all those who had serious loss and damages… by comparison, we are very lucky. But now it’s not just dark, it’s cold and dark and we had to empty the fridge and freezer and throw out all our food.

Yesterday we gave up on our cold dark NY house yesterday and moved for a few days to the warmth and light (and power!) at my sister and brother-in-law’s home. I thought my blogging pals would get a chuckle seeing what I meticulously packed for the time away.  Every cloud has a silver lining seeing as how I got to bring my stamping goodies along.

I have a scheduled post ready for tomorrow, and hope to get back to normal next week. Right now the power company says to plan for another week of darkness.  It’s nearly impossible to imagine and yet I know down in New Orleans and Haiti people have dealt with all this before, not to mention other parts of the world.

Anyway, thanks for the visit!


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  1. I am so sorry Marjie. I am reading chronologically here so don’t know the final outcome but I do know that it is no fun at all. We eventually had to emigrate from Zimbabwe after 5 long years of continual and relentless power outtages, not to mention other traumas, and the novelty wears off pretty quickly I know. Life is just too uneccesarily difficult without electricity – so glad you got to go to your sisters!

  2. Looks to me like you have the important stuff!
    I am so sorry you are having to endure this. And from what they are saying, you could have insult added to unjury by the middle of the week with another nor’easter. Just what you don’t need. I hope your power gets restored soon and you can go back home. Sending hugs and positive thoughts.

  3. Marjie
    I so so sorry to read your family had to move out of your house but thank goodness you are safe, your home is safe and that you have somewhere safe and warm to take refuge in.
    Oh I am smiling at the thought of you packing those art supplies and what a bundle of art supplies at that but joking aside, knowing you are able to create art is amazing because that and your family will see you through this time.
    Sending a hug (although you might not need it!)

  4. Hi
    I am a fan of your blog and I was worried about what is happening in new York….
    I need to tell you that around the world everybody is praying for whenever a hurricane is appearing some place….
    Because it’s so scary….
    But you know we have been through so much more than that!!!!
    It’s so stunning for us when we hear people complaining about the dark or the cold….
    We live in Beirut – Lebanon
    We have been living for 30 years under war,
    We never had any help from the government
    We repair our Damages… We manage for the food,
    For the school….
    We live without light since so many years , we became so practical that every building have it’s own motor wich provide electricity, we take our shower like cats closing the Robinet when we are putting soap on our body….
    It became a second nature, so even when I am traveling I never open the water all the time…..
    We never put food in the congelators Cause we know that we will have to throw them next week when the electricity will be cut and the generator can’t work more than 6 hours…..
    We don’t counton the fone at home it wont be working…
    If it’s damage from the bombs it will stay this way for ages, so or we try oursef to fix it or it will stay months as is it…
    No tv of course,
    We rent DVD
    No food , we buy whatever we find : potatoes, bread….
    And their is no insurance for war so our car is full burn from the bombs???
    We will walk or try to find a friend who has a car….
    My God it has been very difficult years…..
    But we had one beautiful thing we stayed believing in God
    And trying to help each other as possible…..
    As much as I try to explain how hard it was,
    It is every day no body could understand cause in Europe the people are assisted by the state
    And in the us everything is provided by the state…..
    Unless the hospitalization…..
    What I can tell you is keep on thinking positive
    To help around you
    And most of anything keep on making your Art
    This is what save me from any negative thinking…..acting…or depression….

  5. I am glad you posted, I was worried about you. We went out on Monday as well and they are telling us three weeks before we get it back here on Long Island! My elderly mom and I are freezing and now they are predicting snow next week! We have no where to escape to, so I envy you, but am glad you are warm and safe now. We are having trouble even getting ice, food or gas here. Please keep us in your prayers, this is a scary situation and I fear it is going to get worse before it gets better.
    Love ya,

  6. My heart goes out to you Marjie – you’ve been in my thoughts since your last post, and as we saw the terrible pictures of the devastation I crossed everything to wish that you didn’t get too caught up in it. So glad you have somewhere warm and dry to escape to while they get the power back on. Hope that happens sooner rather than later for you. Huge hugs, Buttons x

  7. I can’t imagine what you must be experiencing there. It’s good you have a nice, warm place to go and share. And, I’m glad you were able to take some supplies with you!

  8. You took the important stuff with you! The inks and stencils plus all your Golden goodies. I get antsy if the power is off for a day, can’t imagine weeks. My heart goes out to you and everyone else effected by Sandy.

  9. oh dear Marjie, so sorry your power is out for so long but so glad you have a warm place to be and some art supplies with you. We were very fortunate to not lose power at home. I have not been to work all week as the office is closed with no power, as are all the schools, grocery etc. I finally got to pick up my pictures today which were being held hostage in the closed Walmart all week! Prayers for you and yours that life will soon return to normal.

  10. I do love your packing job, GF! Hopefully they will get the power up and running really soon! Such a shame all the way around for you and many others, but at least you are in a warm place with all the important things in life, your inks and stencils and of course the family!!! Hugs!

  11. I am just so pleased you and your family are safe and sound. It can’t be easy having to wait out such a storm, but thankfully you have escaped the worst of it. Seeing the devastation it has caused sends a shiver down my spine, I hope those others can pick themselves up again and resume some normality as soon as possible.
    Love to you all.
    Hugs Brenda xxx

  12. I LOVE YOU!!! You have an awesome attitude and really are the best packer upper!!! Make greatness and dirty up Sister’s house…lol!!!

  13. Good to hear you are all safe Marjie! Hope you can move back home soon x

  14. kathy/NorthCarolina says:

    Marjie…so glad you are OK…have been thinking of you all week. So sorry that your life has been so inconvenienced by this awful storm. Glad you have family to go to…and that you have your (sanity) art kit to take with you. You are in our prayers. Hoping the power will come back on soon. Hugs….

  15. Glad to hear you all are okay. It’s so nice that you have a sister nearby, and with power. I hope they get the power back sooner than expected — I know what it’s like to be without power for a period of time. Until then, enjoy the time with your sister, and I must say…excellent packing sistah!

  16. Marjie, packing your crafting supplies shows that you are a woman who has her priorities well organized. I am so glad that you have the love and warmth of your family to help you through this difficult time. Please know that the families on the east coast are in my constant prayers.

  17. Fern Edwards says:

    I knew you would have the art supplies – I love you level of organization! Take care – love to all!

  18. Thank goodness for a warm family welcome… so sorry to hear of all the difficulties – it’s been awful reading about it and seeing the news reports – and I do hope there’s a return to some sort of normality soon for you and all those affected.
    Alison x

  19. Hi Marjie, so sorry that the problems continue for you and your fellow countryfolk but glad that you have found a warm and safe haven with your Sister. I really hope that things get back to some sort of normality for you all, my heart goes out to you. Keep safe. Hugs, Anne x

  20. I certainly am sorry that all this has happened. I hope all will return to normal as soon as possible. What a mess!

  21. Wait and see the art you are going to make during this time.
    It will probably be a bit different then you have done before.
    Just do it and see. Maybe you won’t notice right now, but subliminally you will see it in the future. Our lives show up in our artwork. Go for a series even and show us in a couple of weeks.
    You are in my prayers and I hope your family is doing ok.
    I live in Mass and am not dealing with what you are.

  22. You poor chickens having to up and move but thank goodness you have a safe haven with your sister. Watching the situation on our news headlines is shocking to be honest. To see the worst case scenario that has become reality for some – all I can do is wish them strenght and hope. Sending happy thoughts your way in your creative escape! Nicola x

  23. p.s. as I was just finishing up my comment, I noticed over to the right of your blog you have a card that says “enjoy the journey.. patience”. Just sayin.

  24. that pack you made for yourself is too cute! shows your deep love of craft 🙂

  25. Oh Marjie, this doesn’t sound funny! Hope everything will be back to normal life soon!

  26. Marjie.. when I first saw this picture, I was so excited to see all the supplies, then I continued to read and oh god.. i’m so sorry. You what they say about those doors that close and a window opens…. I hope you are cozy now and thank goodness for family. Hang in there and we’ll send prayers and I’ll light a candle for you.

  27. So glad you’re safe and comfy! I’m sure you and your sis will have a fun time together getting inky. It’ll keep your mind off of things that you have no control over. Sending prayers that things get back to normal soon!!