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My friend Miriam Schulman is hosting an online class called Handcrafted Holidays this fall. Nine teachers will share projects in this class, and it’s all about handmade gifts.  I’m one of the teachers along with Carolyn Dube, Andrea Gomoll, Mystele Kirkeeng, Jane LaFazio, Danita Salcido, Joanne Sharpe, Jessica Sporn, and Blenda Tyvoll. I’m so honored to be among such a talented group!


Miriam is sharing video interviews with each artist/instructor before the class starts. She calls them “Artist Chats.” You can watch mine on YouTube or by clicking the image above.  There’s a unique twist to Miriam’s interviews. She interviews each instructor about something other than their project. With this in mind, you may want to subscribe to Miriam’s feed just for the interviews. Of course, we hope you’ll want to take the class too! It’s important to note that the interviews are separate and available to all.


Free Download – Pinterest Tips for Artists


My topic was Pinterest, which I love using both personally and for business. I’m active there on a near-daily basis and have over 17,000 followers.  Miriam asked some great questions and I shared several tips and strategies in the interview. I hope you enjoy it.  Miriam also asked us to create a free download with the interview, available for everyone no matter whether they sign up for Handcrafted Holidays or not.  Click here to get my Pinterest Tips for Artists.


Pinterest Tips Video Interview and Free Downloadable Tips List


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  2. Your video is fantastic, and so are the tips! I’ve tried and tried to get the ‘save it’ button and get rid of the ‘pin it’ button, but to no avail. I can’t find the html parts in blogger…oh well. I just need to switch over to wordpress. Thank you so much for the help…you are a plethora of information!

    • Marjie Kemper says:

      I’m so glad it helped, Anita. Yep, WordPress is a heck of a lot easier. Hope it goes smoothly for you. Thanks for visiting!