Pinterest Communities Are Here!

Have you heard about Pinterest Communities? Join me in one or all three of my brand new FREE communities dedicated to three of my favorite topics: Art Journal With Me, Distress Ink, and Mixed Media Art. I’m your host, Marjie Kemper. I look forward to your joining us, sharing your art (and other people’s art, with proper credit of course) and to being part of the community.

Pinterest Communities are here!

It’s not new that I love Pinterest. I’m very active on Pinterest and I have nearly 1.2 million page view per month! Yes, that’s Million with an M!  But now…. I’m about to lose my mind with the arrival of Pinterest Communities.  These are not Group Boards, my friends… they are Communities… something new and different.

Marjie Kemper's free Pinterest Communiities - join if interested in Art Journals, Distress Ink, or Mixed Media Art!

What are Pinterest Communities?

The best analogy I heard was from J. Franco, who said “Pinterest Communities are what would happen if Google and Facebook Groups had a baby.”  People join a Community and instead of just pinning their projects (and other people’s projects that they like), they can actually have a conversation with other Community members.  It’s way more interactive, sort of like a Facebook Group, and sort of like Google because people are still searching Pinterest with key words.  Now, when you find your Community, you can share your work (or others, with proper credit), and then ask and answer questions. A whole new way to make new artsy connections!

Cautionary Note

NOTE: This is apparently being rolled out in increments… not everyone can see the “Communities” feature yet.  Be patient… it’s coming!

Pinterest Communities to Join Now:

I’ve created three Pinterest Communities related to my artsy interests:  Art Journaling, Distress Inks, and Mixed Media Art.  Feel free to join any or all that interest you by clicking the words or images below.  Visit my Pinterest page here and click the word “Communities” beneath my photo to join any or all threePlease pin these images if you have relevant Boards, to help  me spread the word.

Art Journal with me in my Free Pinterest Community. Come join us and share pages that inspire you, ask and answer questions, and be part of the community. Marjie Kemper hosts this Community and welcomes you to join.Distress Inks are one of my very favorite art supplies! Join us in this free Pinterest Community dedicated to Distress Inks & Distress Oxide Inks. Share your work, ask and answer questions, and be part of this new Pinterest offering. Marjie Kemper hosts and welcomes you to join.

Mixed Media is my middle name! Join Marjie Kemper in this free Pinterest Community dedicated to mixed media art. Share your work (or the work of others that inspire you - with credit, of course!) and ask and answer questions in the Community.

Thanks so much for visiting! I look forward to connecting with you in these new Communities.  

Do you like top art journal, use distress inks, or make mixed media art? Check out Marjie Kemper's free Pinterest Communities for these artsy interests! Visit and click "Communities" to join.

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