Appreciate that I never felt rushed and had enough time to do the techniques.

– Debbie N.

Class was so interesting and Marjie was so helpful!

– Carol R.

Great to play, get messy, and go outside the box.

– Loretta G.

Loved seeing a sample, but having the opportunity to make it my own.

– Sharon S.

I so enjoyed taking your class at Art is You!  You have knowledge and mastery of so many techniques, and such a creative and supportive way of sharing them.  Your thoughtful organization insured that everyone was able to move along at her own pace while learning so much!  Thank you for all the work you put into preparing for our class.  It clearly showed, insuring a wonderful time for this happy student! Loved your relaxed way of teaching. Looking forward to taking another class! Thanks for the inspiration.

– Jessica S.

I loved this class. I learned so much!

– Dottie M.

Wonderful class that encourages a lot of out-of-the-box thinking – not a cookie cutter class – I liked being able to add my style.

– Deanne D.

Liked the demo/then trying the techniques – great way to learn.

– Cheiron B.

Marjie is laid back, informative and fun… love her classes!

– Stephanie R.

Class was well paced. I learned how to use products I already have in new ways.

– Kay W.

Great fun!

– Tam Y.

Lots of content and techniques that can be recreated at home.  Very useful!

– Lavinia W.

Thank you so much! Your classes are truly special.

– Phyllis D.

I didn’t want to stop creating.  Marjie rocks!

– Maria P.

Really great! I learned a lot!

– Alison L.

I loved that we got to play with so many products. Also how many techniques we learned and having a finished project – the accordion page with ATCs.

– Julie R.

I learned so much. How to stencil and how to use distress inks and paints. It was great!

– Sue S.

Excellent. Thank you!

~ Ann G.

Thank you once again for an amazing experience!

– Susan M.

You are a patient and encouraging teacher. I could not ask for more!

– Barbara M.

Excellent class and so well organized.

– Randi G.

Enjoyed learning the new techniques, tips, and tricks.

– Evelyn C.

Marjie is a wonderful teacher!

– Betsy S.

OMG – loved the class – loved the teacher.  Thanks!

– Ellen C.

Had great fun. Learned some new stuff and love the finished product.

– Debbie N.

Great project. We learned lots of new techniques!

– Stephanie R.

Class was a perfect balance of demonstration and work time. I have been to many classes where we race against the clock but this one was relaxed and fun. I especially liked that you provided written instructions so we didn’t spend time taking notes.

~ Mary D.

Fabulous class. Learned lots of techniques!

~ Marilyn Mae T.

Loved learning to use materials that I have but haven’t used.

~ Teresa H.

Loved every moment! Thank you.

– Susan M.

You are an awesome teacher. Hope you can teach here again for a whole weekend!

– Maria P.

I enjoyed not having to be precise.

– Kerry O.

Everything was great and well paced.

– Valerie H.

Enjoyed very much. Baskets of supplies on each table was great – low stress due to waiting for something.

~ Stephanie V.

I was so glad to see you provide notes in the class kit.

– Gina D.

Wonderful class!  I loved your teaching style.

– Ava S.

Had a great time. Loved making a mess and learned a great new technique.

– Debbie N.

Marjie was great and her bringing so many materials made for more room to work and not an over abundance of my own stuff on the table. She also was great about going around the room to individuals and her time management was 10+.

– Arlene A.

Loved this class!

– Margaret C.

Great class. Learned a lot. Good refresher on some techniques.

~ Marcia S.

Very informative and exciting. Thanks for sharing your products – now I know how to use them.

– Michelle R.

Please come back. You are such a generous and patient teacher. Awesome class!

– Maria P.

I liked this class a lot. I learned a great deal and got to experiment with many things. It was super fun!

~ Anna D.