Limitations, CHA, and Stencil Giveaway

Out of Limitations Comes Creativity - Kemper tag 12172014 Hello!  Sharing a jumbo sized tag after a play with Tim Holtz’s layering stencils and Ranger’s texture paste. Sometimes I get distracted by all the things I want to use (techniques, colors, products, etc.) Once I settle on something specific, a project starts coming together. For me this time, limiting my color palette got me in the right direction. And then I spotted that sentiment stamp about limitations, right after I limited my choices. Meant to be.

Getting Ready for my Mixed Media Tag Workshop

Mixed Media Tag Workshop - Class Prep - Marjie Kemper
Here’s a peek at what’s been going on here lately… lots of die-cutting and stamping for the workshop I’m teaching at the Craft  & Hobby Association trade show in Anaheim next month.

Mixed Media Tag Workshop - Class Prep - Marjie Kemper

Sorting, stacking, embossing… counting and recounting, making extras, etc.

Mixed Media Tag Workshop - Marjie Kemper

The class consists of all these tags plus a very cool Idea-ology Worn Cover (also distressed).

Mixed Media Tag Workshop Supplies - Class Prep - Marjie Kemper

Finally, today, everything is on its way… 73 pounds of supplies!!  I am so grateful to Tim Holtz, Ranger, Advantus, StencilGirl Products, and Xyron for their support of my workshop.  Notice how I used the washi tape to make my boxes stand out a bit in the warehouse?  I used to be a meeting planner and I know all those cartons look alike at a trade show, so glad I was able to unify my 4 boxes a bit. Hopefully the tape will stand out in the eyes of whomever is moving them.  Since washi has a light tack, I reinforced with clear packing tape.

Mixed Media Tag Workshop Supplies - Class Prep - Marjie Kemper

StencilGirl Products sent me a few extra stencils, so if you’d like me to send these to you… just leave a comment below. Of course I’d love it if you sign up for my newsletter or follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, or Twitter, but that’s all optional. I’ll pick a winner from the comment below in 5 days.. December 22nd.

Online Mixed Media Class

If you’d like to learn more about the techniques I use working with Distress Inks, Dylusions Ink Sprays, Distress Stains and more…. check out my online class with Craftsy.  It comes with lifetime access and a money-back guarantee!   It’s called Inventive Ink: Colorful Mixed Media Effects.  Newsletter subscribers receive an automatic discount code for the class, so sign up here for the newsletter if interested. Here’s a 2-minute preview video:



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Your comments are very much appreciated!


  1. Oh my goodness Marjie, love your tag, wow, you have been working hard girl! I would love to see you at CHA, I wish I were going this year, maybe next.

  2. Have fun teaching in California! Certainly a lot of prep to do before the big event. One can never have too many stencils. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Ohh wow! That’s so cool, Marjie! Wishing you the best time! Your tag is really gorgeous! Thank you so much for joining us at Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge. Hugs, Sandra

  4. I would’ve loved to go to your class at the CHA, but unfortunately it’s sold out by now…
    Instead I’ll just cross my fingers to win the stencils 😉

  5. you are lucky to be going to CHA. All those tags to prep! phew! I know you will be working but try to have some fun, too.
    stamping sue

  6. Oh Marjie, your textures are always so great I adore, all those tags, I wish I could take one of your classes 🙂

  7. Oh gosh.. You have been extremely busy. Arranging and preparing all that.. You must be exhausted. I wish I could join in when you teach on CHA. I really would benefit from your inspiration. Let alone these tags.. They are awesome . I cant avoid admiring them. Love each of them !!!! And oh yes please one more stencil is welcome… Exploring new possibilities etc.. Thanks for the option to win.
    Wishing you a great day ahead sending hugs from Monica… Spain

  8. Love the tags! Would love to win a stencil!

  9. Carol watson says:

    Love the depth you get with the rays and the texture paste! Like looking down a tunnel, fantastic.

  10. This looks like it will be a great class. Have fun! Thanks for the giveaway of these stencils. I love Stencil Girl stencils?

  11. Denise Shepherd says:

    Merry Christmas, I love the giving and of course the receiving is lovely too, but I get much more pleasure from giving and seeing somebody open a gift x

  12. Beautiful tag Marjie! Love the inky background and all the stenciled detail! Thanks so much for joining along with the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge!

  13. Bea Savellano says:

    Good luck at CHA. Looks like fun…bea

  14. would be great to take your class. looks like you are doing some fun stuff. thanks as always for sharing.

  15. WOW all those tags are amazing! It would be awesome to take your class to see and learn from you. Love the colors and textures, you are so awesome pulling it altogether. Happy Holidays!~kim

  16. Linda on the Prairie says:

    Love those tags! Have a wonderful time. Wish I could take your class.

  17. You are a master of organization and pre-planning. All that die-cutting and embossing…incredible. Love how you marked your boxes. Brilliant. I am filing that away for another day! See you in California – and have wonderful holidays. I love your tag and it’s such a terrific sentiment.

  18. Oh my gosh Marjie how did you get all that done? wow!!!!!!!!! kudos my friend..yes I want to win hahahaha but above all I am so amazed!so much goes into this.
    take care
    susan s

  19. charlotte Bullock says:

    I always knew there was a lot of work that went into these shows. I am in awe the actual amount you have done. Awesomeness in action!!!! Please have a great time. The stencils are great , would be awesome to win!!!

  20. Well!! Holy cannoli’s!! It’s no wonder you haven’t been on the blog posts as much!! That’s alotta prep work you have going on there!! I’m so happy for you to be teaching at CHA- make sure to take lots of pics(yeah right!)
    I would love to just go see it one day- so for now I will live it through everyone else s posts! heehee
    Have a wonderful Christmas Marjie!! You and your family!
    and ps..would love to win a new stencil! “)

  21. Tags are my favorite playground…wish I could be in California next month to play:) It’s truly a labor of love to prepare for large classes !!

  22. Kym Maraldo says:

    Hi, I’m enjoying your Texture Tuesdays very much! CHA always sounds like so much freaking fun, wish it would come to Australia xx

  23. Love the way you personalized your boxes. All those tags are really beautiful. Enjoy the holidays and have fun at CHA.

  24. Love that Cavallini company tape. I love using washi on my boxes. The post man actually complimented me on my boxes! Hope the workshop goes without a hitch.

  25. Oh wow.. what a fun pile to jump into. Ready for play. Your tag looks great, as usual. Love what you did with the boxes. Smart lady. It’s gonna be a great workshop with you running it.

  26. Lots of work getting ready, eh. I am already signed up and enjoying your newsletters and I follow you on literally everything. Everything you share is wonderful and inspiring and I love Stencil Girl stencils and would love to win them. Thanks so much for all that you do.

  27. kit cochran says:

    Your tags are cool, creative and inspiring. What a dream it would be to attend CHA. I really enjoy the youtube videos everyone does at CHA. I love stencilgirl products. Very creative artists in that company. Have a very Merry Christmas. I look forward to what you’ll create in the new year.

  28. Gorgeous tags! I can’t believe that stack you’ve got there too. Yikes. That’s a LOT of work. BTW, brilliant idea to washi your boxes. 🙂

  29. I would love to take part in that class. What gorgeous colours & designs. Thank you for the opportunity to win a stencil.

  30. Pamela Reed says:

    These stencils look great, I wish I could afford to go to CHA. Have fun at your workshop!

  31. You go girl! Seeing all those umbrella men inspire my muse to do a sun dance so they can put their umbrellas away! Have a fab time teaching!

  32. You have been a busy worker bee. I wish you could package me in a box to send to CHA. Looks like it’s going to be lots of fun. You get to play with all my favorite supplies. Have a wonderful holiday!!! (((HUGS)))

  33. Oh my those stencils are so cool. I especially like the shapes with words around them. Your tags are always so beautiful. It is a dream of mine to be able to attend CHA. Have a wonderful time.

  34. I love your projects and talent-but I never realized how much extra work goes into prepping before teaching a hands on class-even though I just retired from a long teaching career(public school) myself! Well prepared is always good! The tape identifier on the boxes is GENIUS!

  35. Goodness, what a lot you got there! If only ! I would love to come to one of your classes – and also the CHA of course….. Anne xx

  36. Terri Richardson says:

    Those tags look wonderful. Good luck with the class, Wish I could be there.

  37. Love the texture paste over the colors. I’ll have to try that one.

  38. germaine fryc says:

    HI! Wow, you are so busy and it’s not even for Christmas. You must be so organized!! I would appreciate any gift from you. Merry Christmas!!

  39. Many blessings with your upcoming workshop! Im sure it will be great fun as the participants fellowship and glean from your wonderful creativity! Thanks for the opportunity!

  40. Hi Marjie, Just when I am starting to get my head around xmas – you are in overdrive with CHA. I can only watch from a distance, but just want to say that everything looks amazing! If you ever decide to give some on-line classes??? I am in! I love your imagination and use of colour. All the best of fun at CHA .
    Dot x

  41. Aww, I’m addicted to stencils – I would love these!! Thanks for the chance!

    Carmen L

  42. Sharon du Coudray says:

    I totally agree that limitations help focus me and settle me down to actually get something down on paper. It’s a great sentiment. I always love what you do with tags.

  43. I love your color combos and this tag does not seem limited! Thank you for the chance to win a stencil – love them!! I am looking forward to all the video clips from CHA so I can see what to spend my money on!

  44. Have a good time at the CHA! Happy crafting and good luck with the workshops, must be a very cool experience. I’m in for the win of the stencils…

  45. Amante del Papel says:

    This is so awesome, so many work!!! thanks for the chance!

  46. Beautiful tags. Your workshops sound like so much fun. I really wish I could go to one. That would be amazing. Tim holtz stencils are so neat. Thank you for the chance to win a couple…

  47. I love your work and am sorry I don’t live in the USA but in Australia, I would love to be able to attend one of your workshops!!!!! I love Tim’s stencils and love using them, thanks for the opportunity to win!!!!

  48. Paula Collins says:

    I love your work. I am a huge T!m fan! Stencils are so much fun I have used them for years. I can always use more. Happy Holidays and have a great CHA.

  49. Stunning tag Marjie – and oh how I wish I could attend one of your workshops – I just love your style a consolation would be to win those amazing stencils

    Have a great holiday time and a Healthy 2015

  50. Your workshop sounds fabulous, wish I could be there.

  51. So exciting to be teaching at CHA! Way to go Marjie!

  52. Susan Samuel says:

    Anyone would be very lucky to win these amazing stencils. I hope I will be a lucky one. I do follow your e-mails and on facebook. Love your work.

  53. irene watts says:

    I love those tags….piles ad piles of them!

  54. Kirsten Alicia says:

    I thought I had already subscribed to your newsletter, but it seems I only subscribed to your blog posts. A mistake that has been rectified. 🙂
    That jumbo tag is stunning & I love the class tags – lucky participants who get to make those. Bon voyage to all those boxes, I hope they arrive safely.

  55. Oh how I wish I could be in your class. Looks amazing! See you soon,

  56. Debbie Goodrow says:

    Brilliant idea to idea to use the Washi tape to make your boxes stand out. I’ve been part of similar things where everyone is looking for their ‘stuff’, and also learned to make my stuff highly identifiable. Lime green or shocking pink on the entire outside often worked!
    I’m still having so much fun with the mixed media style that I learned with you. Having never done it before, it was struggle to start, rather like getting a steam engine going. For someone who had only one or two stencils BM (Before Marjie!), I suddenly seem to have acquired a remarkable amount. And want more! Now that I ‘get it’, I’m having so much fun! I hate to have to stop and deal with ordinary things like meals, laundry, etc.
    Your class at CHA looks like a blast. Have fun!

  57. Oh My would love to find these under my tree!!

    I subscribe to your newsletter, I subscribe on Youtube, I follow on pinterest, I like and follow on Facebook and I get your email!

  58. Janelle Rourke says:

    I wish I could take the workshop! I love your projects. I get so inspired seeing your work, and wish I had all the supplies! Thanks so much for sharing your amazing talent, and a chance to win one of your extra StencilGirl stencil!

  59. Rosann aka Rea' says:

    OMG looks like your workshop is going to be great ! Maybe I’ll get to see you at CHA ; can’t wait to see all the new product !!

  60. Christine Kiehl says:

    What a NICE pile of tags you crafted! I have yet to work with the texture paste…..but I am anxious to begin! Lucky girl to have extra stencils to give away! Thank you for sharing your surplus supplies! Keep up the good work and Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  61. Your projects look amazing Marjie, that sentiment was perfect, & I wish I could take that class with you!
    And, a girl can never have too many stencils, right?! xxx

  62. Leann Lindeman says:

    I would love some new stencils!!! I am already an email subscriber.

  63. Helen Markee says:

    Love the tag!! You have been busy!!!! can’t wait to see you at Right at Home Scrapbook in Massachusetts

  64. I love your tags, and especially think your idea of tying your boxes together with washi tape is brilliant! I’ll steal that for my next workshop (credit given, of course). And of course, I’m drooling over your ‘left-overs’…

  65. Donelda McCoy says:

    A girl can never have too many stencils !! I would love to add some to my creative collection. I follow your blog and look forward to each new post. Thanks and have a Wonderful Day 🙂

  66. Those tags look amazing and I wish I could take the class, but that would be a long drive and then again I am not a teacher or shop owner. Good luck with your work there and thanks for sharing. I have always like the fellow holding the umbrella, we get a lot of rain here in Victoria, BC Canada so it fairly fitting. 🙂 Love your work.

  67. So much excitement (not to mention work) in your life right now, Marjie, yet you are thinking of a giveaway! Bless you! I wish you well at CHA, my friend. I know your classes will be full of people hungry for your talent! Merry Christmas, Marjie!

  68. Wow – what a lot of hard work putting those boxes together (love the washi tape signature on the outside)… and how fabulous the tags look for the workshop. I’m sure it will be a huge success.

    Loving the limited colour palette on your tag too… gorgeous with the lettering popping over the top. Thank you for the stencil offer, but I really do have stencils coming out of my ears (I know what you mean about getting distracted by having too much that you want to play with!), so no need to put my name in the hat this time!
    Alison xx

  69. Those tags are awesome! Looking forward to seeing the book cover for them when you show it. Have fun at CHA! It’s great to have a lot of art supplies, but I’m like you…. too many choices sometimes is daunting in beginning a new piece and I find I have to just pick a few things to ‘only’ use. Love that big tag you made! Would love to be able to create with those StencilGirl stencils…great designs.

  70. You have been one busy busy soul – that is a lot of tag prep!! Thanks for the tip about the boxes – brilliant way to do it!

  71. I had 50 to go to Lucky Star. 73# is a big number. What a lot of work, but will be totally worth is for you I know. It’s right around the corner. Hope you have time to enjoy a Merry Christmas with your man and boys. xox

  72. I love your work and Stencil Girl products too! Wish I was going to CHA.

  73. WOW Marjie! You’ve been very busy. Your die cutting machine must have been smoking after all that. Have a wonderful time. Merry Christmas.

  74. Shari Czerwinski says:

    Beautiful tags! I love the colors 🙂 Thanks for a chance to take the extra stencils off your hands!

  75. What of lot of work goes into a class. The washi tape is a great idea. Years ago, we started knotting wide red & white ribbon on suitcase handles to make them easily identifiable at the luggage pickup in the airport. It really does work.

  76. Heather Thompson says:

    Wow, that is tons of prep, Very fun, but taxing. Beautiful tags. I wish I was going to CHA, it would be a blast.

  77. How exciting! I wish I was going this time … but not in the cards I am afraid!

  78. Amanda Pink says:

    a big fan of your work Marjie n this tag is no exception! working within limitations isn’t easy but yet again you nailed it !

  79. Marjie, I have been so busy, I haven’t had time to visit my favorite blogs in a while. I’m so glad I stopped in today, as this gorgeous tag is so inspiring. It makes me think of the Northern Lights…glowing with color and radiating through the night sky. Curtains of light…so gorgeous! Love the stamp you chose, and I know that feeling of being overwhelmed in what to choose. You chose well! Have fun at CHA! I know your workshop will be fabulous…the tags are gorgeous! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

  80. Who’s been a busy bee then! What an amazing amount of prep that must have been. I’m looking forward to seeing all the delights to come out at the show so I’ll be checking back here regularly. Nice to have a chance to win some stencils too :-). Peace & prosperity to you and yours for the festive season.


  81. oh how grand it would be Marjie to win some stencils….to try something new…thankyou

  82. You got me at ‘Limitations’… love it on so many levels 😉
    so proud of how you are on top of things!!
    keep rocking hon xx

  83. What lucky students to do this class. I know all about the counting, re-counting and packing…great idea with the tape on your boxes. I do the same sort of thing. Those stencils look so good too. Can’t wait to see what you do with them.

  84. Wow girl, you have been BUSY! So have I, so this is the first post in a few weeks that I have been able to read. The quote on your tag is so perfect. I have never thought of creativity in that way, but it rings so true and perfect timing for me right now. Your design is great and the tags you will be teaching at CHA are wonderful. How lucky you are to be able to go and to do that, even if it is a lot of work. Have a great Christmas.

  85. Love your tag! I also would love a chance to check out these stencils.

  86. Can’t wait to take the class, Marjie! Really excited!

  87. Denise Bryant says:

    Your workshop sounds awesome! Look at all those goodies!
    I am already a follower on FB!

  88. so wish i could take your class at CHA…need to be at the Designer Member meeting. next time for sure.

  89. susan clement says:

    Hi I absolutely love stencil girl products I’ve signed up to your newsletter, you tube and Facebook xxx

  90. A new product to me – I would love to try them. I already get your newsletter – thanks for the chance to win

  91. Love the tags! Have fun at CHA!

  92. OMG, I love Stencil Girl stencils! And your embossed tags are gorgeous – oh, the possibilities! I wish I could take your classes at CHA, but, sadly, I can’t. I will catch up with you in the NYC area eventually.

  93. Kourtney Osborn-Vallee says:

    Congrats on the CHA class. Looks amazing!

  94. Love your work, Marjie – can’t wait to attend your class at CHA in January!

  95. Love your layered stencil tag and your beautiful tags that you have created for your CHA workshop. I can see that a lot of work goes into preparing but you make everything seem so effortless. I enjoy your posts…especially your Tuesday Texture highlighted piece.

  96. Looks like a fabulous class Marjie!

  97. Karen Buchanan says:

    73 pounds is a lot of goodies! The project looks great, wish I could be there. Great way to make your boxes stand out!

  98. Wow 73 pounds amazing supplies.. hope you have a great time at CHA!

  99. Totally love your style. Of course, I am signed up for your newsletter and follow you on Pinterest. . .you are awesome and sooooooooooooooo creative.


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