Last call for 2018 Teaching Your Passion™ course

Registration opens on Monday for the last run in 2018 of my Teaching Your Passion™ 4-week online course!  The course will  not be available again until April 2019.  This is a live 4-week course, and we are going to spread it out over 5 weeks this time so that those in the USA can enjoy Thanksgiving Week.

What’s it About?

Teaching Your Passion™ is chock full of everything you need to learn to teach classes live and online.  I take you from A to Z through all the steps needed to determine what to teach and where to teach it. We cover finding and evaluating teaching opportunities, pitching your ideas to stores and event organizers, getting hired and getting paid, dealing with travel and transportation issues, classroom management and logistics, and much, much more.

Teaching Your Passion™ registration opens October 29 -- last time for 2018!


What’s in the course?

This course consists of 15-modules jam packed with everything I wish I’d known when I started teaching nationwide and online six years ago. 

I share my exact systems, strategies, and scripts. This is not fluff… it’s what I’ve used to land teaching gigs in small shops and major retail stores, at retreats and conventions, and online.

I also teach you technical things like how to make videos, how to create graphics, and how to use social media to promote your classes and events. I’ve included content calendars, planning strategies, and lots of checklists.  I’ve included loads of videos and worksheets as well as resources showing what systems and products I use on my courses.

What about live interaction?

We’ll enjoy a private Facebook group for communication, strategizing, and networking.  I will personally be active in the group every day for the whole four five weeks, and I hope you will, too!  You can access the course on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.  You don't need to sign on at any specific time…. work at your own pace!  Since I am checking in every day, I can answer your questions regardless of the time you post them.


Peek at the course materials in Teaching Your Passion™ with Marjie Kemper


What Some of my Past Students Are Saying

Here are just a few reviews!  Pop over to the sales page for more.

Taking this class is a must if you plan on teaching your craft. Marjie gives you the best instructions. She really helps you put everything into perspective. Instructional materials are awesome! This class went above and beyond my expectations.”  [Angela Huggins ~ New Jersey]

“I have successfully and with less stress taught my first 3-hour live class, all thanks to Marjie Kemper's Teaching Your Passion™ course!  Marjie has thought of everything in this very extensive and thorough class. She's broken everything down to bite-size nuggets of knowledge so you never feel overwhelmed.”  [Carole Monahan ~ Connecticut]

Marjie’s manner is upbeat, encouraging, supportive, and inclusive.  I benefited from her vast experience. The interaction with Marjie and other students allowed us to share what had worked for us and what we needed help with.  And Marjie was able to answer our specific questions and share ideas related to our fields of interest, which will, I am sure, make our teaching better. She made new techniques seem easy, something very valuable to me.”  [Marilee McKelvey ~ Massachusetts]

Marjie simplified social media and how to use all the various platforms easily.  This class gave me the tools I need to grow my art instruction business quickly and easily.”  [Karlene Schoonover ~ Texas]

“Marjie has inspired me to go forward with teaching. I have not been so motivated in several years!  This class was full of information, and process. I learned what I need and what can be shelved. The class was incredible and for once I feel empowered.  I wish I could bring Marjie home to live in my studio.”  [Mary Ellen Maney ~ Massachusetts]

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If you’d like mode information, including more Student Testimonials, pop over here:  Teaching Your Passion™ Course Details.  If you have any questions, let me know. I’d be glad to chat with you to help you decide if this is right for you.

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