Instructor Interviews Series: What Teachers Love About Teaching

Instructor Interviews Series - What Teachers Love Most About Teaching - Marjie Kemper Blog

Welcome to my new Instructor Interviews Series.  My interests vary between artistic endeavors and online courses, so I've reached out to a number of experts in both arenas to ask their thoughts on a variety of teaching issues.

Instructor Interviews Series, Post #1

The people interviewed in this series teach a wide variety of classes on content such as Art Journaling, Art Quilting, Assemblage Sculpture, Digital Marketing, Embroidery, Facebook Advertising, Fiber Arts, Internet Advertising, Jewelry Making, Knitting, Mixed Media Art, Modern Quilting, Online Marketing, Paper-Pieced Quilting, Sewing, and Videography. How's that for a super group of creative categories?

An interview with a variety of online and in-person teachers on what they enjoy most

Let's kick off the Instructor Interview Series today with Question #1:  What do you enjoy most about teaching?

Amy Porterfield
Amy Porterfield (Online Marketing)

“I love when I can teach somebody who is an action taker and they are so passionate about the topic that they are going to do whatever it takes. I know that not all of my students are going to be those go-getters but what fuels me is that I can teach the content and I can do my very best to explain it in a way that is do-able and actionable and I will have that one student that says whatever it takes, I am going to do it. And I love watching them apply it in their unique way. ”

Carole Lyles Shaw


Carole Lyles Shaw (Modern Quilting)

“I love seeing my students gain confidence in the techniques I teach. I also love seeing students take my pattern and improvise their own unique designs.”



Carolyn Dube


Carolyn Dube (Mixed Media Art)

“Seeing the excitement students have when they let go and experience the freedom of play.”



Cat Kerr

Cat Kerr (Mixed Media Art)

“I know this might sound strange but what I like about teaching…is that I dont like teaching. What I mean by that is that teaching scares me out of my mind and gets me out of my comfort zone and anything that does that is a good thing. I teach not only to help others grow but to also help myself grow. My hope is that my genuine approach to teaching comes across and students see and feel that I do it wholeheartedly.”


Cheryl Boglioli


Cheryl Boglioli (Mixed Media Art)

“I love showing others that they can be creative. So many students feel they aren't naturally creative. I find ways to encourage them to believe in themselves. I also love making new friends all over the world.”



Dennis Yu


Dennis Yu (Internet Advertising & Digital Marketing)

“Nothing beats seeing the light bulb go off in a young adult's head — that they realize they could accomplish something, like drive ROI on Facebook, which seemed daunting before.”

Dyan Reaveley


Dyan Reaveley (Art Journaling)

“Seeing the light come on in someone's eyes when they realise that they can do it, too. So many people think that they are not artistic (usually through something they have been told at school) and I just love it when they realise that they are.  It's very empowering.”


Jasmine Star


Jasmine Star (Marketing & Branding)

“I love sharing what works and what doesn't work in business. It's a lot of trial and error and moving forward anyway. The best part is hearing my students' success stories. Best. Ever. ”


Jill Wolcott


Jill Wolcott (Knitting)

“I most enjoy the sharing of ideas and skills.  I find it energizing to share what I know, but I always feel I learn things too.”


Kaz Hall


Kaz Hall (Mixed Media Art)

“I really enjoy sharing ideas and knowledge with students, interacting and getting to know.  I always learn something from them, too.  Getting students to create in a style they have not tried before is so rewarding. They grow in confidence and are then more open to trying new ideas/products, which will allow them to grow as an artist.”

Nat Kalbach


Nat Kalbach (Mixed Media Art)

“Interacting with my students and seeing them taking my ideas, techniques and/or tips and making them their own inspires me and makes me happy. It is the most enjoyable aspect of teaching.”


Seth Apter


Seth Apter (Mixed Media Art)

First off, I just love simply being in the room with a group of creative people, feeling their energy and watching their process. It is very inspiring to me. But even more so, I love seeing the participants stretch and grow when they step out of their comfort zones to try new techniques and go to artistic places that they may not have before.


Sue O'Very


Sue O'Very (Sewing & Embroidery)

“Teaching is very rewardable. When I teach on-line I most enjoy seeing the final project created by the student. Each time they share a picture on social media or send me an email it just makes my day! When I teach in person my favorite part is the look on their face when all the steps finally click. The “aha” moment and their eyes just light up and they are so excited they show their classmates.”

Tina Curran



Tina Curran (Paper-Pieced Quilting)

“I enjoy seeing that light bulb go off in someone, when they finally understand something that they have been struggling with, knowing I've helped make that happen.”


Wrap Up & Thanks!

Well, there you have it! Did you find this interesting? I want to thank all of these instructors for taking the time to share their perspective on Question #1.  You can find out more about each one by clicking their names to go to their websites.

Free Checklist

I've put together a detailed Checklist on what to include in your teaching contract.  This is perfect for the person who wants to each a skill or hobby online or in person.  Get your copy here and be sure to cover all the bases, including how to promote the offer, how to manage expectations, how to get paid, etc.

23 Things to Include in Your Teaching Contract - whether you are teaching online or in person


Coming Soon… Tips for New Teachers

Our next installment is Tips for New Teachers.   I think you'll find it quite valuable, especially if you are thinking about teaching. As shown above, these instructors have great tips to share. Next time we'll be joined by many of the above folks, plus several new ones.  Please share today's post image if you think it will help your friends or family.  Thanks!

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  3. Julie Short on April 12, 2018 at 8:53 pm

    I could take phrases from every interviewee and weave them together and they would be my thoughts.
    I adore butterflies and that’s how I see my students sometimes bursting from the chrysalis….drying their wings and then flying where the winds take them.

    • Marjie Kemper on April 13, 2018 at 4:36 pm

      What a beautiful image! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Julie.