Imagine Canvas

Imagine canvas - Marjie Kemper - the time you read this, I’ll be be in California getting my Designers in Action station ready for when the CHA show opens on Saturday.  It’s been quite an undertaking and I hope it goes well.  I remember reading Nathalie Kalbach’s post a few years ago, right before she set up a station of her own for the first time, and she said it felt somewhat like a child must feel when making s a display for the school science fair.  That’s resonated with me these last few weeks!

The display will be up in the exhibit hall for all four days of the show, and I’m doing a demo there on Saturday and then teaching my workshop on Sunday.  I shipped all my supplies for the workshop , but I am carrying with me all the supplies for my display in a second suitcase.  This makes me very nervous because last year the airlines lost my luggage for a few days, but shipping made me equally nervous and I thought this might be a tad less expensive… so in the end, fingers are crossed!

I haven’t been able to make much art lately, but I’m happy to have this canvas to share.  I made it in October, at the same time I made my Fearless canvas.  I enjoyed making both of these so much that I want to make it a priority to paint more when things quiet down a bit.  As exciting as it’s been getting ready for the show (and something else I can’t talk about yet!), I really miss having my hands covered in ink and paint.

I will definitely take lots of photos at the show!  If you’d like to see them, Facebook is probably the best place to find me with Twitter a close second (that’s one of my New Year’s goals – to not just tweet once a week for Tuesday’s Texture, like I usually do.) Remember when using Facebook to hover over the “Liked”  button and click on Notifications, or else you simply won’t see the updates in your feed.

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Your comments are very much appreciated!


  1. Wow Marjie, this is stunning! I love the fiery colours and the many wonderful layers of stamps and stencils! Great contrast! until next time, big hugs 🙂

  2. Gorgeous colours and stencilling Marjie! X

  3. A fabulous canvas full of wonderful depth and gorgeous colours. Wishing you all the luck at CHA, wish I could be there to share it all with you. One day ……………
    Happy New Year and huge hugs. xxx

  4. Oh Marjie.. This canvas is gorgeous. As usual you took my breath away…. The colors, your composition of elements. Always a big pleasure to study your work. And oh how much I would love to be with you at CHA.. I hope you will have a great time… Allthough busy… Lol
    Sending hugs Monica… Spain

  5. Absolutely gorgeous. Have a blast at CHA and like how could you not!

  6. That’s an amazing canvas. The colors are just my cup of tea.

  7. Have fun Marjie!! Look forward to hearing all about it when you return!!

  8. This is stunning! Love the colors! Have a great time at CHA… I’ll be watching for yours and everyone else’s photos so I can vicariously enjoy the fun. 😀

  9. Kirsten Alicia says:

    Gorgeous canvas! Have a wonderful time at CHA.

  10. Incredible depth to this canvas and it almost appears as though there is a glow within it.
    Marjie, good luck, not that you need it my friend!

  11. Good luck, and hope all goes well with the luggage! Valerie

  12. I remember your issue with the luggage last year, hope it all goes perfectly this year. I bet your station will be perfect when you set it up, you have such a good eye for detail. Love your beautiful canvas, the colours are fabulous. Enjoy the CHA! Anne xx

  13. Another wonderful canvas, Marjie, and would pair well in a series with “Fearless” and whatever will follow! Enjoy you time at CHA, my friend!

  14. GORGEOUS!!!! Have an amazing show and class! So PROUD of you!!!

  15. It’s an unbelievably beautiful canvas, Marjie. Will patiently await your chance to get back to the craft table and create again, and in the meantime wish you so much luck and joy with your CHA adventures (and the one you can’t talk about!)… keeping my fingers crossed for your suitcase too.
    Alison xx

  16. Loving the layers in this, and the combination of the words really speaks to me.

  17. To say this is beautiful is an understatement Marjie, it’s stunning! Some of my favorite colors.

  18. So pretty

  19. Good luck at CHA!! I know you will rock it!!! I wish I was attending this year .. I have missed going the past two years!! I love love love your canvas!! GORGEOUS!!!!!

  20. A wonderful canvas Marjie, with all your special touches. Wishing you all the best for CHA and fingers crossed all your stuff gets there in time. Good luck with the workshop too!!

  21. A very busy girl you are right now. Wish I was able to help! Hope all goes well AND you have fun too.