How to Teach Paint Parties ~ Heidi Easley

 Welcome!  I want to introduce you to my friend Heidi Easley, today. We discussed her online course, How To Teach Paint Parties, on a Skype call. Have a listen here or by clicking the image below:



Heidi has some wonderful testimonials on her site from people who taken her class and gone on to teach parties of their own.


Paint Party Popularity

I know this trend is very popular across the USA.  Paint parties are held in restaurants, MeetUps, churches, synagogues and other community locales.  People sign up for a brief (usually 2 hour) class in which they all learn one painting project, and everyone goes home with a finished ready-t0-hang canvas.  I live in New York and people here will often go to these events with friends, and make an afternoon or evening of it.
How to Teach a Paint Party


Why Heidi?

I’ve known Heidi for several years and I trust her. I believe she offers a very solid course. Her personal experience teaching over 100 paint parties paved the way for her to share the nuts and bolts of how she does it. As she says, at this point it’s a Rinse & Repeat process because she has her system in place.


Time Sensitive Deal

For the next two days Heidi’s offering an amazing deal on How to Teach Paint Parties. If this is something you’ve considered, now’s the time!


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  1. Deborah Goodrow says:

    I should have gotten this when it was offered as a sale. I dithered too much, had too many things running through my mind with trying to figure out retirement, moving, house fixing and selling, and a million other things. I talked myself out of it saying who knows if my life would be able to use this in a year and a half…. (sigh) … All knowledge is useful… I just remembered it too late…..