I have a proposition for you.  It’s free. It’s fast. And I think it will make you happy. Truly, personally, happy. I want you to give yourself the gift of 30 minutes of creativity this month. How do-able is that?  VERY!

So, here’s the deal.  I’ve created a free private Facebook Group for us to share what we’ve done with our 30 minutes. The group opened yesterday and already over 100 people have joined….and they are just the kind, supportive, and encouraging people I was hoping to attract. Why don’t you come check us out?

Join the free #halfanhourofart Facebook Group and give yourself the gift of 30 minutes a month to be creative.

Everyone is welcome

Let me be super clear that I hope creatives of all kinds will participate. Even though I do mixed media and paper arts, my hope is to attract all kinds of people who have a creative interest. Be that writing, cooking, knitting, scrapbooking, woodworking, gardening, pottery, and everything else.  All are welcome.

Of course, it would be fantabulous if you could find 30 minutes every week or every day.  For now, let’s just shoot for you promising yourself 30 minutes this month. To be creative. Whatever that means to you. This month you will give yourself 30 minutes to make art.  You might be a knitter, and that’s your art.  Perhaps you’re a baker or a candlestick maker.  A potter!  The sky is the limit.

It’s going to be positive

If you’ve been in one of my Facebook Groups before, you know I don’t tolerate nasty. So consider yourself invited a positive, supportive community where trolls won’t live. This will be a pleasant atmosphere of support and encouragement.  Post your art, questions, and challenges. Please offer encouragement to others and answers to their questions when you are able. I can’t wait to see what #halfanhourofart means to you.

My own first play at #halfanhourofart

Here’s what #halfanhourofart meant to me for this first installment. A quick play with my Gelli Plate, DecoArt Media paints, and a StencilGirl Products stencil designed by MaryBeth Shaw:

Gelli Plate Prints 12-1-16A - Marjie Kemper

The pic above shows my gelli plate (bottom layer) covered with paint (middle layer) and a stencil (top layer). I then put a sheet of deli paper on it and used my brayer to push down on the deli paper. That means the paint from the bottom layer transferred through the stencil (super cool!) on the to the deli paper. Shown below.

Gelli Plate Prints 12-1-16B - Marjie Kemper


So now… waste no time and go join the free private Facebook Group. If you want to suggest it to your friends, please do.

If you’d like to see more of my work with art journaling and mixed media projects, check out my online class with Craftsy.  It comes with lifetime access and a money-back guarantee!   The class is called Inventive Ink: Colorful Mixed Media Effects.   Here’s a 2-minute preview video:



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  1. Debbie Goodrow says:

    I like this! Not having deli paper at the moment (and impatient!) I’m going to try tissue paper. I know it’s fragile, probably more so than deli paper…. but what the heck – you only move forward by sticking your neck out!

  2. I have been hesitating because I am such a slow crafter… but you have persuaded me now, off to join up! x