Faux Metal Superhero Mask

Kemper faux metal superhero mask

The Art Is You Mixed Media Art Retreat starts next Wednesday, and on my list of things to bring (art supplies, CHECK!  class kits, CHECK! clothes, CHECK!) was a handmade superhero mask.  Why?  Because this year the proceeds from the Generosity Project (Silent Auction) will go to Give Kids the World, and the theme is that everyone is a superhero.  Teachers were asked to create and donate a piece for the auction and I was happy to participate.

Kemper faux metal superhero mask 7

This was so much fun to make, but I can’t for the life of me think of a name for her.  I would love your ideas in the comments, please, as I must name her before I donate her, and I also need to provide a brief write-up on her superpowers… I’m thinking something artsy and empowering. Suggestions very much appreciated!

Kemper faux metal superhero mask 2

While looking at plastic masks at the craft store, I couldn’t decide between a whole face and just an eye mask. Then it dawned on me that the whole face could support the eye mask, and the ideas started coming.

Kemper faux metal superhero mask 3

I used Ranger’s metal foil sheets and lots of Tim Holtz’s Sizzix Texture Fades (embossing folders).

Kemper faux metal superhero mask 4

It was a patchwork project, and when I didn’t like a look, I was able to easily cover over it with another piece of foil. The foil sheets have a sticky backing, so they went on easily.

Kemper faux metal superhero mask 5

Once the masks were finished I cut and embossed Tim’s Sizzix feather die, then distressed everything with black soot distress paint.

Kemper faux metal superhero mask 6

The hard part was figuring out how to attach everything and then mount them to the canvas.

Kemper faux metal superhero mask 1

A combination of grommets, Idea-ology hinge clips, super heavy gel medium, string, and good old fashioned duct tape did the trick.

Kemper faux metal superhero mask 8

Thanks for the visit!  If you have ideas on a name or super powers for this one, please share in the comments. And if we’re not already connected, please sign up for my newsletter or follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, or Twitter.

Also, if you are in the Connecticut area, I hope you’ll come by the Art Trunk at the Sheraton Stamford on Saturday, October 11th.  It’s one of the coolest ‘flea market – ish’ artsy sales ever and it’s open to the public from 9am – 2pm and vendors will sell art and supplies, plus clothing and jewelry.  There are 30 vendors and I’ll be one of them. Besides art, I have created 25 kits of collage/art journaling materials for sale.  And one of the highlights of the Art Trunk will be the Silent Auction… I can’t wait to see all the superhero creations.


Your comments are very much appreciated!


  1. Ah, its amazing Marjie! Love the texture and the shiny! About a name, DoubleEyes !

  2. Marjie
    This is astonishing! It truly looks as though it has been fashioned from metal, such as the in craft of silversmithing.

  3. Oh my, this is so gorgeous, Marjie! Love that she has a mask too! Absolutely stunning! Hugs, Sandra

  4. This is absolutely my favorite constructive piece of yours! LOVE all the metal and the feather piece up top, but really love the layered mask! MOST EXCELLENT!!! PINNED!!!

  5. She is my Silver Wish Goddess and I wish she could hang on my wall. What an amazing creation, Marjie. You out did yourself this time. You can be proud of her, for sure!

  6. wow Marjie, the mask is totally wonderful. Hugs Annette x

  7. How cool is it ?! Such a fabulous idea and a wonderful mask.

  8. She is very cool indeed! While looking straight on at her, the wings on the ends of the smaller mask remind me of Flash … Flasher? haha Then, I thought about the feathers … Featherella? even sillier. Hope others are having better luck! lol

  9. WOW is all I can say! This project is so wonderfully far out of the box I don’t have words.

  10. Wow! It looks awesome! xxx

  11. Wow Marjie, this is an absolutely stunning creation! I am not very good with names and the one I like best has been taken (Metallica) but maybe Silverina (a bit of a take on Wolverine) but female. Now stop laughing….. lol. Anne xx

  12. LOVE her!
    How about “Flashionista”?

  13. Monica Macpherson says:

    Marjie, this mask is amazing! I thought it would be perfect as art in my house in mexico.

  14. Wowzers – incredible Marjie – and so different from anything I’ve ever seen you do but just as stunning. How about Silvereen?

  15. What a super cool mask Marjie! This is incredible!

  16. Wow wow wow!! This is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. OMG!!! Very very very cool!!! I love how you made this! and shoot- I thought you were going to be wearing it! Lady Metology (0r Metalology) can’t wait to see it in person!

  18. Simply stunning! A unique and creative piece Marjie.
    A name? ‘Iron Lady’?? Not much good at names!
    Julia xx

  19. Oh, forgot the “name game.” I think Metallica would do nicely!

  20. This is absolutely amazing art, Marjie! Gorgeous! See you there!

  21. Fabulous, Marjie! I love it.

  22. This is awesome Marjie, it’s so inventive and I love it. What a wonderful thing to do for a great cause.

  23. Oh wow!! I NEED some adhesive metal sheets…. Your mask is absolutely incredible! So cool & totally superhero look. As to a name… ummm… erm…
    Spectacula Metallica, Metallic Fantastic, Feathertastica, Mask of Metallica….
    Oh, I give up. Not in zone of superhero naming. Sorry 🙁

  24. Yowza Marjie!!! Seriously amazing. Textures, mysterious. LOVE LOVE LOVE.
    OK, now for a name? “Ranger Girl”.. .she can pull art supplies from the sky with just a thought. Can tie someone up with extra strong washi tape, so they can’t escape. Too violent? Ok.. she can banish bad people to a place where all they do is art and will change them forever. I dunno.. just thinking out loud. Ouch.

  25. Brilliant!!! Now the ideas are really flowing for something to make for my grandson. I would call the mask simply “Me” or “You” with the idea that you are at your strongest when you are yourself.

  26. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is awesome!!!!

  27. Marjie, this is absolutely amazing. All the texture. It’s beautiful. Hmmmm I think this would be a fun class!!!!!

  28. This is amazing! Love all the texture and those feathers are a stunning addition.

  29. Fabulous, amazing … Awesome !!! What can I say… I’m impressed and just LOVE your work ! This is stunning and very extraordinary !!! Gosh !!!!
    Thanks for sharing your creativity !!!!!
    Hugs from Monica… Spain

  30. PINNED!!! Oh my gosh Marjie … this is INSANE (yes … I am shouting … in my head of course since my neighbors might call the police)!! I am blown away by this project. Love all the texture fades and the mask on top of mask to give a full face feel to it. The way you attached it to the canvas is sheer genius. I sincerely believe this will go for top dollar for this worthy cause. Fantastic make! — Mary Elizabeth

  31. Wow, wow and wow again… Marjie this is incredible! What a stunning creation and for such a worthy cause!!

  32. Oh I bet this was a fun project to put together! I love your mask, Marjie! I have a skull that I have wanted to do this to, so you have given me a bit of a push!

  33. Marjie, this is beyond awesome. Loved every single bit of it!

  34. Sherri Scott says:

    I’ll be at Art Is and can’t wait to see you and your mask!

  35. Ava Sloane says:

    Marjie, this is so amazing! Wow. Taking a title from Jessica Sporn, I’d call her “Inspired Woman.”