Encaustic Workshop Review, Part 3

Welcome! Today I’m sharing the last few photos from the encaustic workshop I took at R & F Paints in Kingston, NY.  You can see much more in Encaustic Review Encaustic Review Part 1 and Encaustic Review Part 2.  This first one was created by repetitive applications of hot wax with a relatively dry brush.  The process is called accretion.

Encaustic workshop samples Marjie Kemper

It was a new vocabulary word for me.

Encaustic workshop review Marjie Kemper

You need to be quite patient to achieve structured results.  It’s something I’ll experiment with much more when time allows. One of my fellow students was so good at it that her work looked like an old rotten tree (which I mean, in a very good way.)

Encaustic workshop samples Marjie Kemper

This next one was an exercise in both texture and reduction.  It was one of my favorites and definitely something I will work on more in the future.

Encaustic workshop samples Marjie Kemper

I chose my text randomly but can see great possibilities when mindfully highlighting words in the future. The cheesecloth was a favorite addition, too.

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