Disclosure Policy

My goal at marjiekemper.com is to provide interesting content related to art and business.  

The information you see on my site is free to readers and subscribers. It represents many hours of time and research on my part.  One of the ways I generate income to cover the costs of running this website is by the use of affiliate links.

What is an affiliate link?

Affiliate links (also known as referral links) are links to products, services, and offers that include a unique reference to my business. If you choose to make a purchase through an affiliate link, the provider compensates me with a small commission. Affiliate links are used at no cost to you. This means if a product costs $100 it will cost $100 whether or not you use an affiliate link. The provider will issue my commission out of their profit.

Kindly note I only include affiliate links to products, services, and offers that I find trustworthy and useful.

What I do and don’t promote

The majority of products, services, and offers that I promote are those that I have paid for and personally used.  My Art Resources and Business Resources pages are good examples.

Sometimes I promote products, services and offers that I have personally used but have not paid for… examples of this can be found throughout my Blog Posts and tutorials, when manufacturers occasionally supply me with products to use in my work.  

Last but not least, sometimes I partner with product manufacturers to serve as their Brand Ambassador. Brand Ambassadors are compensated with both products and payment.

Do I accept paid advertising?

As long as the product, service, or offer is something I believe in, and I believe it would be of interest my readers, I'm happy to entertain advertising proposals.  Contact me with inquiries.