Creating From Your Soul ~ Interview Series

I’m excited to be part of Heidi Easley’s free series of artist interviews, called Creating From Your Soul. Beginning November 2, Heidi will offer 21 days of interviews, tips, techniques, and giveaways from your favorite artists. Did I mention it’s free?!?!  Sign up here.

Creating From Your Soul - Free Interview Series (Heidi Easley with 21 mixed media artists) Marjie Kemper

Heidi is interviewing so many interesting and talented artists including MaryBeth Shaw, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, Pam Carriker, Jessica Sporn, and Carolyn Dube. I’m looking forward to watching and learning from each one.

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  1. CONGRATS!!! i am so excited for you!! for me!! for everyone that has signed up for this!

  2. Woohoo. xox

  3. So exciting, Marjie! Congratulations! Off to sign up! Hugs, Sandra

  4. Huge Congratulations to you Marjie.

  5. Oh wow, huge congratulations Marjie, just signed up! xxx

  6. How exciting! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Congrats on being part of this Marjie, I subscribed and look forward to all the inspiration!