Craft Industry Alliance

Craft Industry Alliance

Welcome! Today I'm sharing info about Crafty Industry Alliance.  I've been an active member of this group for over 18 months and it's a substantial resource for my business. It's an extremely affordable ($69 for a year) investment that yields a wonderful return.

Craft Industry Alliance Membership Organization


Craft Industry Alliance was founded two years ago as a community for craft professionals. Their mission is to help members:

  • keep informed on industry news and opportunities
  • connect with each other
  • improve and develop their businesses
  • operate at a profit


Abby Glassenberg and Kristin Link have extensive experience in the industry. Abby has published several sewing books and is a pattern designer, teacher and writer. Kristin heads up a collaborative sewing blog and writes, teaches and speaks professionally.

Craft Industry Alliance Membership Organization (CIA)


Members from around the world include artists, authors, entrepreneurs, crafters, designers, sewists, quilters, painters, bloggers, online marketers, photographers, lawyers, and more.  


I'll break these down in greater detail below, but in a nutshell members receive: networking opportunities with the wide variety of professionals listed above, a comprehensive online journal, Resource Library, Webinars, Archives, Forums, and informal live Coffee Klatsches.

The Journal

Twice a month CIA puts out a very well-written online journal that ALWAYS interests me. Seriously… I have never deleted a single issue without clicking through to learn more about the featured content. I've enhanced my knowledge about Contracts, Negotiations, Bookkeeping, Partnerships, SEO, Media Kits, Trademarks, Project Management Tools, Selling Products (online, at events, in museum stores), Craftivism, Trade Show Opportunities, and much, much more. Many members enjoy a popular series called “How I Got that Gig.”

Craft Industry Alliance Journal SamplesWebinars

There are 20 recorded webinars waiting for you in the Craft Industry Alliance vault. Webinars are held frequently and you can send in questions ahead of time, or watch them live and ask in real time. The recordings are saved with lifetime access.  Two of my favorites so far were Effective Online Teaching (Kim Werker) and Facebook Ads (Mei Pak).

Webinars offered in Craft Industry Alliance (member benefit)Forums

The forums are fantastic place to connect with other members. You can easily search them for topics of interest, or start your own thread.  Looking for a copywriter or a coffee date? Have a question about the latest tech or trend?  Want to let people know of your ability to freelance? This is the place.

Coffee Klastch

Twice a month members can log-in to a live, real-time, chat.  I've attended two so far and always learn something. These are very informal but moderated, with clear start and end times. If a member is experiencing a problem (or wants to talk about a win), this is the place to come for discussion.

Resource Library

This is pure gold. Your source for legal info, templates, planners, image sizing guides, etc.

Craft Industry Alliance Membership Organization (CIA)Member Discounts

My favorite discount is the Office Max/Office Depot perk.  I have literally saved hundreds of dollars with this benefit.  I really like printing out materials when I purchase an online course or eBook, but the cost of printing can make that daunting.  With the CIA discount, I pay 2.5 cents per B&W copy, and only 22 cents per color copy. My Office Max charges 12 cents for B&W and 69 cents for color, so those savings add up fast!

Other discounts are offered on online services such as Skillshare and Tailwind, movie tickets, hotel and car rental stays, and more. Remember, the membership is only $69 a year!

Craft Industry Alliance Membership Organization

Membership & Affiliate Disclosure

You can always be sure I'll never recommend anything I don't genuinely believe in. Links are affiliate which means I'll earn a small commission on memberships purchased through this post. It won't impact your cost one bit.


Have any questions about Craft Industry Alliance?   Don't hesitate to hit reply and ask. I'll be sure to answer.

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  1. Abby Glassenberg on October 23, 2017 at 8:38 pm

    Thank you so much for joining and being such an active member, Marjie. We’re proud to have you!