Compendium of Curiosities 3 ~ Challenge #7

CC3C-07 Marjie Kemper

Hello and welcome to our 7th challenge from The Compendium of Curiosities Volume 3.   The new challenge focuses on Painted Industrial (pg 46 of Tim’s book). You’ll find all the information for Challenge #7 ~ Painted Industrial ~ on Linda’s CC3C blogOne thing we do ask is that you not post tutorials on this technique, as we’d like to encourage people to get their own copy of the book.

We are sponsored this week by Inspiration Emporium and there are additional prizes donated by Tim and Mario… you’ve got to be in it to win it, as the New York Lottery used to say. Just pop over to Linda Ledbetter’s blog to see the rules and FAQs.

CC3C-07A Marjie Kemper

I started with a dollar frame from the craft store.

CC3C-07B Marjie Kemper

After a trip outside to coat it with black spray paint, I adhered Ranger’s Metal Foil Tape to cardstock and used a paper trimmer to cut it to fit my frame.

CC3C-07G Marjie Kemper

Then I took the individual pieces and ran them through the Vagabond using Tim’s Sizzix Texture Fades. A few of my pieces ‘slid’ a tiny bit when I weighted them down, but I don’t mind the handmade look.

CC3C-07C Marjie Kemper

I have to admit, embossing the soft foil is my favorite way to showcase the texture of the Texture Fades. I also ran a piece through the Tattered Florals die, but first I adhered it to something else.

CC3C-07D Marjie Kemper

I added the Metal Foil Tape to Clearly for Art Blackout (one of Wendy Vecchi’s glorious inventions.) If you’ve not tried this yet, please don’t blame me for your new addiction. Skip ahead if you don’t want to hear why it’s so special!

So here’s the deal… you attach the Clearly for Art (which comes black, white, or clear) to your surface and you can heat it and mold it to any shape you want…

And. It. Will. Stay.

And what if you don’t like the shape you made? You re-heat it and it goes flat, allowing you to start all over again.  I kid you not. Perfect for flower petals, butterfly wings, etc. (anything you want raised or curved, really.)

CC3C-07F Marjie Kemper

I used Tim’s Tattered Florals die with Clearly for Art for this method.

CC3C-07E Marjie Kemper

And here’s a shot of the texture on another part of the frame. You control how grungy or ‘shiny’ this piece may be, based on your own preferences.

Thanks so much for the visit!

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  1. Tracy Evans says:

    Fantastic altered frame. The technique works so well with this piece. I adore the texture and dimension. Tracy x

  2. Denise Shepherd says:

    This is fab and yes I will be trying Wendy Vecchis Clearly for art black out x. Thank you xx

  3. I love your wood frame and so clever using small pieces of many of the embossing folders. It’s such a nice piece. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. You have beautifully transformed a plain wooden frame into a work of art. I love the use of all the Texture Fades. I have read several tutorials for Clearly for Art….can’t wait to try it.

  5. Oh WOW! This is fantastic! What great panels you have on this altered frame. This is soooooooo cool. And to put the foil tape on Wendy Vecchi’s Clearly for Art Blackout is inspired!! Those flowers are so incredible. Love it! — Mary ELizabeth

  6. Wonderful altered frame, and love the industrial flowers.

  7. Love the sampling of the texture fades and the blue tone is beautiful. I really like this, Marjie! Wonderful job……see ya on facebook

  8. Gorgeous embossed piece & I just adore the embossed flowers!

  9. I love the way you’ve decorated this frame but especially love your metal flowers

  10. This is pretty amazing. You’d never know it was a dollar store frame to start!

  11. Awesome frame Marjie! I love the flowers, thanks for the tip!

  12. Gorgeous Marjie! I love your texture play collage. Wonderful! Have a super day!~kim

  13. lorena b. says:

    This frame is fabulous-love all the different patterns!

  14. I love the various squares on your altered frame Marjie. It’s fantastic!

  15. absolutely fabulous creation!!! =)

  16. Stunning project! Those flowers…

  17. Wow your frame is awesome..:) ..Super details…You’ve rocked the painted industrial technique Marjie!! x

  18. this is awesome – I love all the different textures – brilliant xx

  19. Great patchwork appeal, let’s you use a lot of textures.

  20. Lovely piece of altering there Marjie. Your plain frame is transformed into a gorgeous work of art! love it x

  21. Love the flowers, never thought to attach the foil to the plastic. Thank you for a new idea xx

  22. glenda schoepp-drake says:

    what a wonderful idea to adhere the foil to clearly for art to shape into 3D flowers

  23. I love the quilted pattern on the frame. The technique works perfectly for the pieces. What a lovely project!

  24. A really fun sampler effect of all those different textures! Love it!

  25. FABULOUS!! I love all the squares and different textures of the metal.

  26. I love the use of all the different texture fades and I can always count on you for something blue!

  27. what a work but with great results. I always have trouble withe puzzling those pieces together

  28. Stunning as ever – adore the flower! Nikki xx

  29. Colleen O'Lear says:

    What a great way to turn a $1 frame into a great piece of art

  30. Gorgeous patchwork frame! Love every detail of it! So much texture! Hugs, Sandra

  31. I will be keeping your sample in mind because its such a wonderful way to use up small left over bits of this precious metal tape and make something gorgeous to boot.

  32. I am completely in love with Clearly for Art! I love the way you’ve used it here. I have not used it with the metal foil tape yet, but you can be sure I will. Gorgeous frame!!

  33. Such a great idea for using this technique and so many favourite emboss designs Marjie. Love how it all comes together. Jenny x

  34. LOve this! I love Clearly for Art! Your flower is totally amazing! wonderful project! BArbarayaya

  35. I love the way you incorporated all the different embossing folders, the flowers are so pretty, and I love the patch work frame .

  36. I love all the different textures. And thanks for the tip on cutting the pieces to size first…that will definitely get me over the worriesome “I don’t want to screw it up” stage! of using the full sheets if I go with a quilted idea.

  37. Brilliant inspiring piece,love all the embossed squares,love it all 🙂

    Donna xx

  38. Your project looks so fun to create! Love the industrial squares! What a cool way to frame a sentiment! Love it!

  39. Still trying to get my hands on some Clearly for art stuff…now I need it BADLY! Love your inspirational piece.

  40. Cool idea!! with many emboosing folders in the great painted industrial technique, many thanks for your inspiration!

  41. I just love the collection of embossing folders you have used, looks awesome!!

  42. Cim Allen says:

    This is beyond awesome !! Such a cool idea .. I love the crew you all give me so much inspiration !

  43. cheiron says:

    I LOVE the mix of texture fades you used Marjie! What a fabulous project!

  44. snazzy JJ says:

    Love how you mixed it up with several embossing folders and the flowers.

  45. Gorgeous. I love the way you have used so many different embossing folder designs and your industrial tattered flowers. I just bought some of the clear art parts recently and love it already so thanks for another idea on how to use it. Great inspiration. Funny how your dollar store frame says “Just A Frame” because this is so much more than just a frame now.

  46. Wonderful altered frame, Marjie. Love the painted industrial panels with that gorgeous flower! I just bought some of that blackout! Have fun!

  47. I haven’t got any of the foil tape but I think I may have to get some if only to have a go at these wonderful flowers. I must have some old frames around somewhere crying out to be altered. Thanks for some really fantastic inspiration.

  48. Oh my, the first time I saw Wendt Vecchi’s Clearly for Art, I was tempted and now I am thoroughly sold! Have to see if I can find a shop nearby that carries it so I can play!

    And I really really like how you used foul with it. It really adds dimension to die cut pieces.

  49. Just love this frame- what a great idea! Can’t wait to try this!!!

  50. Pretty darn amazing transformation for a $1 frame. xox

  51. Marjie…this project rocks. I love how you’ve transformed a pretty mundane wooden frame into such a cool piece! The tiles you’ve created with Tim’s industrial technique are off the charts awesome. What a wonderful way to not only showcase this technique but also the wonderful array of Texture Fade images. Your built up Tattered Flowers are amazing on this frame as well. There is alot of pattern going on here…but you’ve managed to, in your always perfect style, make this WORK and WORK WELL! <3 Candy

  52. Absolutely love this piece, Marjie! I love the fact you used so many texture fades – it added so much interested to this wonderful frame! Thanks for sharing the technique using the clearly for art as well. The flowers are awesome!

  53. What a great frame using so many different embossed designs – love it in the blues! What a creative use of this technique!

  54. Oh what an awesome way to alter a frame! Great job! I love it!

  55. What a great idea. I especially love the flowers, I might have to cover a whole frame in those flowers, thanks for the inspiration.

  56. Gorgeous transformation of the plain mirror. It looks like a master board of all the different designs. Fabulous!

  57. Irresistible beautiful Marjie!

  58. A fab piece of home decor 🙂 This technique is so versatile xx

  59. I love your frame, but I absolutely LOVE your flowers! I will have to try it with the clearly for art! I have used it before, but not with this technique…so you have inspired me even further!!! Thank you!!! hehehe. The flowers are amazing! I have to go make some of those like right now!!! wink.

  60. Fantastic!!! xxx

  61. This looks amazing. I must take a gander at Wendy’s new product. This is a gorgeous result.

  62. Awesome!!!

  63. Love all the different textures and that flower is fab!

  64. Gorgeous frame Marjie! Love all the different textures you’ve created on the panels. Sue C x

  65. Marjie,
    What a great frame!! I love it- I think my son would too! You’ve got my brain moving this morn!

  66. Kirsten Alicia says:

    I love it! Anything metal gets my vote & this is gorgeous. And it’s given me an idea…….. Thanks Marjie!

  67. Janet Goshorn says:

    Great picture frame – reminds me of a quilt – steampunk style of course

  68. Marjie
    Very beautiful. I got to try that clear film. Thanks for sharing…

  69. Rosann aka Rea' says:

    Margie you did Tim and Wendy proud ( two of some of the most creative people I know )! Your fame… industrial collage is awesome … love the industrial flower power 🙂 !!

  70. Fabulous Frame, Marjie!! So perfect for the Painted Industrial technique! It’s one of my fav Tim techniques! So many possibilities as you lovely ladies of the Compendium Crew showed us!! Fabulous!! XOXO-Shari T.

  71. Beautiful, like a metal quilt!

  72. Hi Marjie, I love this technique and you have taken it to a whole new level with your various embossed pieces, they look wonderful on your frame – just love it! Anne xx

  73. That’s a wonderful creation with wonderful texture, thanks for showing the step by step photo.

  74. Jan Bianchi says:

    Very cool piece. Love all the elements and Wendy Vecchi!

  75. Jan Bianchi says:

    Very cool piece. Love all the elements and love Wendy Vecchi!
    Great job.

  76. Fantastic frame, Marjie. I particularly like the fact that you showcased so many different texture fades here. So much fun to look at and enjoy.

  77. I just love the idea of covering a frame!! And yes, I too am addicted to CFA so easy to use and so cool!! Love your flowers.

  78. This is beautiful Marjie, I have always wanted to do one of these but haven’t yet. I really need to.

  79. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Oh yeah…did I mention I love this!!! Each embossed metal piece is gorgeous!

  80. Totally cool industrial look – what a fabulous array of folders on display!
    Alison xx

  81. I love the idea of the patchwork quilt effect using so many embossing folders. Nice job!

  82. Your metal work brings the frame to life!!

  83. GREAT Piece Marjie, I love the patchwork design that you have used here… I am already addicted to Clearly ART… fun stuff… Love, Light and Peace…Bonnie

  84. Brilliant frame Marjie! Cleverly done. Beautiful flowers. Karen.x

  85. Marjie, I can’t believe what you’ve managed to create from a dollar store frame – it’s beautiful. I love all the different textures and the flower is inspired!! Thanks for sharing. Jean.x

  86. Love your frame, and I am already addicted to Wendy’s Clearly for Art!

  87. This is very special, I love the way you have kept to one colour too.
    Brilliant idea to use a frame, nice gift

  88. Julia Sanders says:

    This is a beautiful frame. I love Clearly for Art, and this is such a cool use for it. I love all the different texture fades that you have used. What a fun piece.

  89. Oh, this is very cool, and I do love how the flower turned out. I may have to indulge in this new addiction of yours!

  90. Debbie P. says:

    Love all the texture you created on this frame by using so many different texture fades. I also love clearly for art because of its versatility.