Compendium of Curiosities 3, Challenge #30

Welcome to the new challenge celebrating Tim Holtz’s book, the Compendium of Curiosities, Volume 3.  Our new theme is Faux Cracked Glass (found on page 54.) If you still need a copy, you can get an autographed copy from Tim right here. Faux Cracked Glass - Marjie Kemper CC3C-30

Our sponsor this week is The Funkie Junkie Boutique, and a random winner will enjoy a $25 shopping spree on their online store. There are also prizes donated by Tim and Mario for the Curiosity Crew’s favorite project. You’ll find the Rules and FAQs at Linda’s site… please take a moment to read these so you are definitely in the running for the prizes.

Faux Cracked Glass 2 - Marjie Kemper CC3C-30

I really love using my art supplies on home decor projects.  This is a tiny little mason jar full of dandelions.  It took me a few tries to get the cracks the way I like them, so I thought I’d mention that a piece of practice glass to play on first might be handy.

Faux Cracked Glass 3 - Marjie Kemper CC3C-30

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Your comments are very much appreciated!


  1. Love your jar and the color is so bright. I love the yellow and blue combination. Lovely!

  2. Love this project! It inspired mine. Thanks so much for the simple beauty!

  3. love the blue color – it’s so pretty!

  4. Nice Marjie! The blue is so pretty with the yellow dandies.

  5. Your jar looks great. I think it even looks better since you took the pictures outside, it really shines.

  6. Hi, I love this sweet jar, the colour is perfect for the dandelions. They are my favourite spring flower. Jan x

  7. I love the dark blue color you’ve achieved on this! You’re right about practicing; I got some odd results the first time I tried this!

  8. Such a pretty décor piece… that blue cracked glass with those yellow dandelions is beautiful !
    Thanks for the tip too 🙂

  9. Fabulous summer colors, great result!

  10. Blue and yellow, sky, sea, sun …. your vase of flowers is the perfect representation of the summer!
    P.S.: I’m still trying with cracks! 🙁

  11. Fantastic color! These would make such pretty favors at a garden party!

  12. What a lovely pop of colour this creates. I too have some jars about and might just do the same to them. This is such a great idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. The blue on your vase is so intense I love it especially with your flowers/weeds, which in themselves are the perfect colour for your vase. The technique looks fabulous. Tracy x

  14. This looks so pretty and sweet with the dandelions! Yours colors are always amazing! I thought your advice to be very wise! Great Faux Cracked Glass Technique!

  15. Lyn Coogan says:

    Oh the colour…This is fabulous

  16. Nikki Acton says:

    Wonderful tiny crackles, I can see you practiced… Great idea to have a practice piece. Xx

  17. So pretty, Marjie! What a beautiful decoration for your home! Happy Weekend!

  18. Very pretty Marjie! I love the color!

  19. Absolutely stunning transformed mason jar with incredibly beautiful dandelions! Perfect, as always! What a fabulous colour combination full of summer! I am impressed!
    Hugs 🙂
    Branka xxx

  20. Beautiful summer vase! Love the color. It’ll go with all the flowers from the garden…

  21. Carol Harper says:

    That color is so jewel-like. love it! I may have just the little jar that would wotk for something like this. Thanks for the idea!

  22. Perfect vase for perfect flowers! Like them!!

  23. Pretty blue crackled jar looks so cute with the flowers! Lovely home decor!

  24. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this, Marjie!! Those bright yellow dandelions in that darling faux cracked glass mini mason jar–DARLING!! Smiling ear to ear 🙂 🙂 XOXO-Shari

  25. The blue is just gorgeous and I love that you made something practical and useful – the flowers are beautiful too! Hugs, Anne xx

  26. Love the bright blue of this lovely vase! It sets off the flowers perfectly! Beautiful!

  27. Beautiful Marjie. I wanted to get a closer look, but when I click on the photo nothing happens. The bright blue with the bright yellow flowers is so striking.

  28. What a LOVELY piece that definitely catches the eye!!!! Your choice of blue shade is AWESOME here!!! That could easily also match w collector’s china patterns- simple but fancy looking enough to pass as a centerpiece for a simle country setting or a full dinner service table setting. I LOVE this!!! (There’s really not much I’ve seen you all make that I DON’T love, lol!!

  29. Thank you for the info about using a practice glass. Good to know. Your little blue jar is super cute! I just finished pulling the last of the dandelions out of my yard yesterday and thank goodness! ~Niki

  30. Corrine says:

    Love this cheery yellows on your bluest of blue project. Zox

  31. Hi Marjie
    A beautiful home decor idea with the blue looking so lovely against the yellow of the dandelions.
    Sorry I have missed so much of your beautiful artwork but I have been absent (and might well continue to be) from blogland/commenting. I also wanted to say Thank You for your visits to my blog, that means so much to me especially when I haven’t managed to reciprocate.
    Hope you are having a great weekend.

  32. As always, you know just how to use color! This is stunning!

  33. Reminds me of summer time – so bright and cheerful and fun Marjie. Thanks bunches for such a happy inspiration. j.

  34. Very pretty Marjie! LOVE the blue!

  35. What a cheerful bunch of flowers. I’m sitting here chuckling at how you managed to use bright Marjie-colors on this project, as well! 😉

  36. This is SO pretty in the blue with the bright yellow dandelions!! love the crackle!

  37. What a beautiful blue vase! Love this and you will be able to enjoy it for along time! So fun! Big hugs.

  38. Such a beautiful vibrant blue. Perfect contrast to your dandelions. My grandson loves to pick these and will gather everyone he sees.

  39. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh this is just gorgeous! LOVING it!!!!!

  40. Girl…I LOVE the deep blue color you used on this cute little faux cracked glass Mason jar. Those dandelions really pop! Do you have a yard full of those little suckers? Haha Love your jar!!

  41. Jackie Neal says:

    Gorgeous Marjie!! The yellow flowers are a perfect choice to go with your blue!!