Compendium of Curiosities 3 – Challenge #19

Frayed Fabric Collage - CC3C-19 Marjie Kemper

Welcome to the new challenge celebrating Tim Holtz’s book, the Compendium of Curiosities, Volume 3.  Challenge #19 is “Frayed Fabric” (found on page 66 – if you still need a copy, you can get one autographed by Tim right here.)

Our sponsor this week is Inspiration Emporium, and a random winner will receive a $50 shopping spree on their online store. There are also prizes donated by Tim and Mario for the Curiosity Crew’s favorite project.  This is the new prize pack:

Jan 3 prize package -- wow!

You’ll find the Rules and FAQs at Linda’s site… please take a moment to read these so you are definitely in the running for the prizes.

Frayed Fabric Collage - CC3C-19A Marjie Kemper

I don’t sew very often so just threading my machine took me awhile!  I used one of Tim’s fabric squares from the Eclectic Elements 6″ crafting pack. I started out diecutting a postage stamp frame (Sizzix) and painting it black.

CC3C-19 (B)Marjie Kemper.

After positioning my collage key and adding baubles, I cut up some little labels so I could extend them to fit longer words.

Frayed Fabric Collage - CC3C-19B Marjie Kemper

I did a bit of stenciling on a piece of patterned paper that matched Tim’s fabric pretty well, and matted my postage stamp frame onto it.

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Hope to see you at CC3C!




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  1. Beautiful mixed-media piece Marjie!!! I love that it’s very monochromatic! 🙂

  2. LOVE this Marjie, I don’t sew either and I take me hat off to you that you actually did your own sewing, I cheated… my neighbour is a darling :O)) Off to nosey at the rest of your gorgeous art now, I have a cuppa with me, I will be here a while I know x

  3. Great use of frayed edges technique. Love all the ‘blue’. Findings are very unusual. I especially like that magnifier…

  4. Gorgeous. Love the stenciling. And what a great way to create longer labels. Thanks for the tip. I love this project Marjie. Another favorite. — Mary Elizabeth

  5. Beautiful project! Wow, all those tips! Great idea to make the little labels larger for longer words! And I thought your postage stamp background was fabric, it matched so well. Love the frayed fabric, and the key with the image and little baubles. So pretty!

  6. Fabulous piece of mixed media work – love it

  7. While I’m not a big fan of shades of purple, my younger DiL is: purple rules!!
    That said…I love the way you added wording on this, giving me yet another neat idea (if you don’t mind anyway) for adding names when I need to! Cute!!

  8. Rosann aka Rea' says:

    Hahaha … I just noticed we used the same key… hiwe cool is that !

  9. Love what you did for the challenge Marji…Love the coloration of the whole piece and the collage elements. Great use of all the pieces!!!

  10. Love this Marjie! I don’t sew either but made an exception for Tim. 😉

  11. This is fabulous, love the monochrome effect

  12. beautiful! I like the monochromatic color scheme.

  13. Rebecca Morris says:

    A beautiful project with stunning detail, thanks for the fabulous tips!!

  14. Love your piece…the blues are beautiful and match so well. Thanks for the tip on extending the labels.

  15. This a beautiful project Marjie! I love all the elements pulled together. AMAZING!

  16. I love the subtle colors on this. Everything goes together so nicely! And another “duh” moment; cutting up the labels to make longer ones…brilliant!

  17. Love this study in blue, a gorgeous collage.

  18. Cim Allen says:

    I love the trick to extend the labels .. thanks for that 🙂 I love the project .. very cool !

  19. Thanks for sharing how you created your fun project. I especially like the way you used the sticker letters with the labels. Your lovely collage is very inspiring.

  20. Beautiful collage! Happy New Year!

  21. As ever you get so much detail in with that strong depth of colour. Love it! Happy New Year. Jenny x

  22. That’s a fabulous collage with wonderful elements.

  23. You clever girl, piecing together those letter labels. This turned out great!

  24. Marjie this piece turned out very really cute! Yes, threading the needle can take sometime!
    Job well done.

  25. Love your work! The words make the piece interesting and look great with the stitching. Sew good you got out your machine x

  26. This is such a fun Eclectic Elements creation, Marjie!! I’m not really a sewer either (I can barely stitch a straight line!) but at least with Tim’s fabrics, their patterns will forgive any faux pas!! Thank Goodness 🙂 🙂 I’m glad that you “play”ed with your sewing machine, ‘explore’d with Tim’s fabrics and
    create’d this darling piece for CC3 #19!! It’s GREAT inspiration!! Thanks, Marjie!! XOXO-Shari

  27. Love the fabric and stitching, Marjie! And those three little words will guide me this year! Thanks!

  28. Rosann aka Rea' says:

    I got tickled when you talked about threading your machine … I sew but I had not had my machine out for a while … I needed to stitch a tag … being on antibiotics I was so cross-eyed trying to thread the needle… I laughed out loud a few times ! I like how you did this; color choice is great … great tip for the labels too !

  29. Brilliant idea to stencil on this fabric! Sounds like we’re similar in that I don’t break out my sewing machine much, but I think I’ll be breaking it out more now. Love what you’ve done here!

  30. This is beautiful Marjie, your color choice is so great. Love it!

  31. Another wonderful creation, love the monochromatic look…. I’m not on great terms with my sewing machine, it’s a love-hate relationship. My issue is I can’t seem to keep my needle threaded. I use mine mainly for sewing papers, or into journals, or basic stitching on fabric for a mixed media piece. I get part way through whatever I’m stitching and realize the thread has come away from the needle again. It will happen several times in one go around. It’s maddening!!!! Anyhoo… Hope you had a fab holiday and Happy New Year. Looking forward to seeing what amazing things spring forth from your fingertips this year!!! (((HUGS)))

  32. Oh, I do like the monochromatic look! I did not know Tim had fabric in that color; I will look for it! Thanks for sharing the inspiration and the how-to.

  33. Love this Marjie!!! The postage stamp frame is a wonderful addition!!!

  34. I like how you extended your labels to accommodate longer words. I will use this in the future. Thank you. The mixture of paper and fabric worked really well.

  35. That approach to labels is ingenious!

    I hate threading my machine so I used whatever was already in it! Luckily, I use white thread almost exclusively!

  36. The postage frame is a very nice touch, I love the key and the other embellishments you added. Gorgeous colour too! Happy New Year Marjie, hope 2015 is good for you! Hugs, Anne xx

  37. I must get your notifications on FB because these days I hardly see a thing I want to see there anymore. Need to take some time to make a custom ”Interests List” & add the appropriate people. Great job here Marjie. Thank you so much for your constant support on my blog. I can’t keep up any longer with blogs but I do pop in when I can!

  38. Love how you incorporated the fabric into your lovely design and the way you framed the label stickers!!

  39. Ooh, how unusual – and how lovely – to see you playing in neutrals! Love the collage key, and the stitching was well worth the effort of threading the sewing machine I think. Happy New Year!
    Alison xx

  40. I love the colors in this piece, Marjie! It was so clever to stencil the background to match the fabric piece on the front! I also liked the way you extended the words with the labels – great idea! Wonderful piece!

  41. Fabulous!!!
    Happy new year Marjie! xox

  42. You rocked the sewing! Another wonderful project. Thank you!

  43. Lovely, maybe you should sew more. Winter blues. xox

  44. This is gorgeous! LOVING the key!!!!

  45. Marjie…this is a very cool project. I love the black and white combo. You usually use so much vivid color in your pieces that I had to do a double take when I saw your name in this project! But you always surprise me with your beautiful art. This black and white is very effective!! Love how you used the fraying technique. Love the collage key and the words around it. Fabulous project!!

  46. Fabulous card, Marjie!

  47. What a gorgeous project! Love it! The colors are amazing! Wishing you the best for 2015! Hugs, Sandra