Chipboard & Metal, Part 2

clipboard-metalThis week has flown by as I’m learning technical stuff about website design and how to make and edit videos. What a learning curve!

Today I am sharing a page I made a  few months ago when I hosted a challenge using chipboard & metal at Frilly and Funkie.  This was meant to be my piece at the time, but at the last moment I decided to splatter some black paint on the page and it just didn’t sit well with me.  I wrote myself a little mellow mojo stuff… hey, it’s okay, it’s just a page, etc… but at the time it didn’t fly. I ended up making a neat and clean card for that challenge. Today, having nothing in my back pocket… it’s on the blog!

I used glass bead gel colored with Dylusions, mitered and stamped chipboard pieces, lace dyed with Dylusions and some of Tim’s Idea-ology.  I used waxed paper to tone down his license plate stickers, and painted some chipboard letters.

Linking to Art Journal Every Day. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Your comments are very much appreciated!


  1. I love that you recoloured the glass bead gel – looks amazing! Only just got some of that myself & never thought of it!!

  2. lol, ok now you sound just like me. I did a Dylusions spread this weekend and in the end walked away from it. Came back to it yesterday and decided to “embrace” and even “enhance” the mistakes. I love your page, and the black paint splatters are perfect for me. They really work with the yellows and all the texture. I definitely think it’s an awesome page.

  3. I like this! Great colours and love the heart!

  4. I think it’s a great page, Marjie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This is fabulous but the stand outs for me are the glass bead gel (now there’s a surprise LOL) and the use of the wax paper as I always love the way it will tone done or add a touch of mystery/romance to whatever it is layered upon.
    So glad you blogged this.

  6. The final “product” is stunning Marjie!

  7. Oh Marjie!!! Very rich!!! Love the coloring on this, sooo cool!
    But we are going to sit down over a drink, so you can explain (How You Got That Wax Paper To Sick?) Love all the meatal trims, so rich!
    Hugs Vada

  8. Oh Marjie, I LOVE LOVE the orange heart!!. This is another cheerful card, I love the metal car plates design on the frame and your handwriting is beautiful!

  9. You should have used it…fabulous! I can see the colors are a little different for you, maybe that is why you hesitated, but you shouldn’t have! I love the orange heart and the words…perfect! The metal bits are perfect too…and the black splatters! Good luck on the videos…it gets easier, but it is trouble at first. Kudos on that!

  10. It’s a great page Marjie! As Julie B says…’Our journals are there to experiment in’ ;o) x

  11. I have to say that as much as I loved your Grateful card, I love this more. I LOVE the black splattering — it adds a spontaneous and playful quality to this piece. Love what you wrote too — we should say this out loud to ourselves daily!

  12. That’s a gorgeous piece, I love every single detail.

  13. I really like the black splatters, they add depth somehow and I am glad you did not give up on it because it is a beautiful piece. Nice tip with the wax paper to tone something down too – great idea. Hope you have a lovely weekend too! Hugs, Anne x

  14. Warm, fun and funky. I understand about the film editing curve. Not easy at first. Can’t wait to see what you do.

  15. How nice to have something so special just hanging around! Looks great, love the colors and textures.

  16. Well, I hope it sits better with you now… I think it looks amazing! The black is pretty full on, but it’s so dynamic against the yellow; and the text frame is gorgeous, drawing the eye inward to the glowing heart.

  17. You must have had quite some fun, creating this canvas…love all the mixed media and the ink spot…great Marjie!
    Have a nice weekend, Alie 🙂

  18. It looks great!! Love all that texture!

  19. Marjie, I actually like the black spatters on the page! I think it is a great accent to the lovely bright yellow and orange.

  20. How wonderful to have this little beauty available when your back pocket is empty! I can’t understand why you put it aside – it’s glorious and so you! Love that bead gel. . . .
    Have a great weekend.

  21. Wonderful card Marjie!! I like the black paint, hehe. You are amazing girl, everything you touch is gold!!!!

  22. Nice Marjie…another glass bead gel piece, between you and jessica I’ve got to get me some….Good luck on your learning curve. I need to set up my tripod and get making some videos too. xox

  23. Again so beautiful and special withtdhe metal effects Marjie.
    lovely greet and nice weekend

  24. Well I for one love the black splatters – frankly I reckon you could easily have got away with lots more of them as they add a real depth and further interest to the whole page. Hugs, Jenny x

  25. Lovely page with great colours. Valerie

  26. Its good that you did’nt give up. It looks great,Marjie. I love the splatters and various edging. So much to look at.

  27. You are amazing!! I love love love love this!! LOVING the colors and that heart!!!!!