Buried Treasure with Seth Apter

Today Seth Apter is hosting his sixth annual Buried Treasure feature, where he encourages bloggers to re-post a favorite project from the past and he shares links so we might all discover some forgotten or missed posts.  Take time to check out Seth’s gorgeous blog… it is chock full of art, eye candy, and inspiration.  If you have a chance to take one of Seth’s classes, don’t hesitate!


Last week I celebrated my 600th blog post with two Giveaways (today’s the last day to throw your name in the hat as the winner will be announced tomorrow). As I looked through my Blog Archives, I decided to choose a post that’s textural, colorful, layered, and motivational… my favorite kind.  My piece for Seth’s Buried Treasure dates back to 2012, when I made this page as a tutorial post for Eclectic Paperie.

When I participated in Seth’s 2013 Buried Treasure Collection, there were 80 bloggers listed….I’m curious to see how many are in the Buried Treasure this year.  I’m off to Seth’s blog to find out…

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Your comments are very much appreciated!


  1. This is treasure! Glad you unburied it!

  2. A great page and it also helps to show how far you’ve come in that time. Jenny x

  3. i love that blue! i don´t have gelatos so far, but i think now i´m convinced to buy some… awesome piece of art!

  4. I love your buried treasure!! It is a beauty in blue!

  5. This is gorgeous! My favorite blue!

  6. This is a wonderful project, for sure! Love all the blue hues, and love the addition of the tags! I will be taking one of Seth’s classes in October at Art-Is-You, so am very excited about that! Thanks for sharing today, Marjie!

  7. What an awesome piece Marjie! so glad you posted this one as I have now had my Gelatos for two months and had been shy to use them- you have inspired me to break them out and have some fun!
    I really love the way your colors are blended and the blues truly are Dreamy! “)

  8. Love the colors and your use of the tags.

  9. Beautiful color, layers and texture. So glad you dug this post up!

  10. What impressed me was the use of all the tags, many of which were hidden by paint and texture. Lovely art and beautiful colors.

  11. I love your page Marjie, it’s a stunner! Great choice! xxx

  12. Denise Spillane says:

    Wow, thanks for telling us about buried treasure. I really love this one. So much texture and depth. I hope I can get to the tutorial

  13. Gorgeous page! I had not ‘discovered’ you in 2012 yet, so I’m glad you shared an oldie, but goodie!! I’ll have to poke around your archives too. 🙂

  14. Dreamy treasure. Glad you unearthed it. Love that almost to me purply blue. xox

  15. Beautiful composition and blues, Marjie!
    You know I am a big fan of your art! 🙂

    Wonderful Buried Treasure!

  16. This piece is like buried treasure itself Marjie with those tags all buried under the gorgeous layers of paint and texture – love the gorgeous blues, as always! Hugs, Anne xx

  17. Oh my gosh, that looks incredible, I completely love it.

  18. A fantastic and eye catching page. Love the blue.

  19. wow, my favourite colour: Blue !! Love it Marjie !
    Corrie x

  20. Ah yes, I remember it well! An absolutely gorgeous page… I remember thinking how cool those embedded tags looked and that I must try that… have I yet? Have I heck?! A great blast from the past to inspire me to finally get cracking, thank you!
    Alison xx

  21. sandy kortan says:

    Thanks for sharing your creations. It is very inspiring to me. I usually visit my favorite blogs before I spend a day messing around.

  22. You had me at Blue with your lovely textured piece here!

  23. I love the layered tags in the background, beautiful page!

  24. what a great piece

  25. Great choice, Marjie. Beautiful texture and color. If to check out Seth’s blog!

  26. You rocked in 2012 and now too! Love the layers and textures! Also, am a follower on FB, twitter and Youtube.

  27. yes it is treasure. 🙂 love this layered beauty
    susan s

  28. Love love love this page!! LOVING those gorgeous blues!!!!

  29. What a beautifully creative piece of Art. The colours look so striking too. Off to view Seth’s blog. Have a Good Day. Hugs Rita xxx

  30. A fabulous treasure to dig up and show us Marjie. Love the tag theme going on here. Xx