August Workshop Photos

I can now count Nebraska, the Cornhusker State, as among those I’ve visited!  Thanks to Pages in Time, I taught 4 workshops there last weekend.

Marjie Kemper Nebraska Workshop Class Shots 3

This is Karen, the store owner, and Diana, who was so gracious in driving me everywhere.  Such lovely people.  Thank you both very much for your generosity, time, and hospitality!

Marjie Kemper Nebraska Workshop Class Shots 3

Karen has combined two stores, one for paper arts and mixed media, and the other which sells clothing, bags, and accessories.  I have to say, it’s a pretty neat combo and she attracts customers to either ‘side’ with her extensive and unique inventory. They don’t have a website but do have a Facebook page if you want to check them out. I’ll admit I did my part for the Nebraska economy!

Marjie Kemper Nebraska Workshop 2015 Saturday AM

Here are some of the Saturday morning art journalers.  The gal on the bottom left (seated) cracked me up all weekend…. I think she’s in the Witness Protection program because she always hid her face behind her beautiful art.

Student Work 5 in Marjie Kemper's Mixed Media Workshops August 2015

Have you heard the term “Nebraska Nice”?  There was an openness and kindness about these women that was very special. When I got home, I learned that ‘Nebraska Nice’ is one of the state’s tourism slogans.

Student Work 6 in Marjie Kemper's Mixed Media Workshops August 2015

Another very cool thing about this weekend was that I had my youngest and my oldest students ever.  One was 14 and the other was 75.  How much do you love it when people try new things at any age!?!?

Student Work in Marjie Kemper's Mixed Media Workshops August 2015

Here are a few close-ups of some of the art journal pages created on Saturday:

Student Work 2 in Marjie Kemper's Mixed Media Workshops August 2015

I didn’t get a Saturday afternoon group shot, but here’s one of the Sunday morning crew. So much creativity in this room!

Marjie Kemper Nebraska Workshop 2015 Sun AM

And here’s one of my favorite types of collage pics… hands in action:

Student Work 2 in Marjie Kemper's Mixed Media Workshops August 2015

We had an action-packed two days with lots of laughter.

Marjie Kemper Nebraska Workshop 2015 Photos

We squeezed most of the people in on Sunday afternoon’s class pic:

Marjie Kemper Nebraska Workshop 2015 Sun PM

And then laid all their beautiful canvases out on the table for a group shot:

Marjie Kemper Nebraska Workshop 2015 Sun PM

Thanks to everyone who came out!

You can see my upcoming classes here. I have two more events this year, and I’m starting to add confirmed dates/venues for next year.  I also have an online class with Craftsy, which you can watch as many times as you like, and you’ll have lifetime access to it.

Marjie Kemper Online Class

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  1. Deb Mullen says:

    This was a wonderful and relaxing weekend. You are a special woman, an artist with a gentle heart. I hope you come back to the Husker State; this Husker will always have a home for you!

  2. Thanks so much for a wonderful weekend of fabulous classes! I’ve been taking your classes on and couldn’t wait to meet you! I’m so glad you enjoyed your time in Nebraska with us, I know how much we loved having you! I really appreciated your teaching style and learned techniques that I know I will be using on all my projects. I hope that you’ll come back again. Take care!

  3. Nancy Ternes says:

    thanks Marjie for your willingness to share your lovely talent with us.
    You made it easy to learn and get envolved.. Your smile and your ability draw all of us in.. I enjoyed all the new things I’ve not worked with.. Come back again and we’ll take you out for a good ole Nebraska steak and a couple of drinks.. We would all need the Witness protection protection program afterward.. Might be fun!, take care.

  4. Such a great post Marjie, it is lovely to see everyone’s work too, it really looks like everyone had an amazing time! Hugs, Anne xx

  5. Looks and sounds like a fantastic bunch of classes with fantastic ladies. The must have loved their work and YOU.

  6. Everyone looks like the person you want to have living next door. Someone to create with and have a coffee. Nebraska Nice indeed. xox

  7. How fun! LOVING all the photos!!!!!

  8. Looks like a fabulous weekend Marjie! Oh how I wished I could attend one of these one day… What I love is that the work is so individual!! So often class work looks just like exact replicas of the teacher’s example…
    It looks as if everyone had a fantastic time, – lucky ladies!

    • Marjie Kemper says:

      That’s what I like too, Astrid. I always ask everyone to make it their own…. LOVE it when all the projects are different!