Book Review: Artful Adventures in Mixed Media

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Book Review: Artful Adventures in Mixed Media

Hello and welcome to a new occasional series on the blog: Book Reviews.  I’m delighted to kick it off with this brand new book from Nathalie Kalbach called Artful Adventures in Mixed Media.

I first found Nat online many years ago, and I took a class with her a few years after that.  I’ve been cheering for her as she’s left her non-art job, become a product designer, moved to the States, and made artful adventure her full time work.

Artful Adventures in Mixed Media

I received a copy of Nat’s Book from the publisher while I was in the U.K.  I’ve been eager to get to it!  The book is 128 pages long and full of beautiful photos, design ideas, and inspirational quotes.  I like the consistent segments of the book –  Exploration, Observation, Realization.  All the Demonstrations have multiple step-out photos and clear instructions.  

Nat’s extensive travels have served as a source of her own inspiration, which she explains throughout the book. I’m a big traveler too (there’s nothing else I’d rather spend money on, besides art supplies!) so this resonated with me.  That’s a key difference of this book from other art books – there’s a real focus on personal experience and how it influences you – in addition to how-to tips and techniques.  I particularly like the conversational tone of Nat’s writing. It feels like you’re having a conversation with her.

Exchanging Ideas

Is Artful Adventures in Mixed Media on your bookshelf? If so, I’d love to know which techniques are your favorites. Let me know in the comments.

What’s Coming Next Time

The arrival of Nat’s book in my mailbox prompted me to consider all the other art books in my stash. Here’s a peek at some of the candidates for the next installment of Book Reviews.  Let me know if any jump out at you.  I bet we have more than a few in common!

What's on Your Bookshelf - Art Book Reviews

Book Review Sample Project

I’m determined to try something from each book. I was inspired to use the technique Nat shows on page 110 for this one.  I’ve used it in the background of this “artsy index card.”  Today’s project marks Day 73/100 of the 100 day project I’ve involved with on Instagram.  Click here to see all of them:  #100DaysofArtsyIndexCards.

Day 73/100 #100daysofartsyindexcards - find me with this hashtag on Instagram for index card art

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  1. Jackie P Neal says:

    thanks for sharing your thoughts on Nat’s book Marjie!
    I am so happy for her, so well deserved!
    Wow, I had to giggle,because I have about 3/4 of those books as well! heehee
    So that Journal Spilling, peeked my attention-how about a review on that one?
    And the piece you created is fab, Love it,the Boxcar Children series came to mind when I saw it!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Debbie Goodrow says:

    Wonderful! There are SO many interesting books out there, it will be greatly appreciated to have a savvy review of them. It’s a bit overwhelming!

  3. I do love Seth’s Mixed Media Artist and also Diana Trout’s Journal Spilling, both are full of great tips and techniques. The first arty book I bought was Layered – Inspired Collage for Paper Projects with Meaning by Shari Carroll. It is more than 10 years old and I still enjoy looking at it!

    Your artsy index card is beautiful, I look forward to seeing your art inspired by other books now! xx