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I'm a bit of an art supply junkie!  What I love about mixed media art is the ability to experiment with so many different mediums and supplies.  Finding unexpected combos that work well together really makes my day.

These are 20 of my very favorite art journaling supplies and tools.  Check out more at my Amazon Influencer store.

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(1) Stencils, (2) Nonstick Craft Mat, (3) Heat-It Tool, (4) Dylusions Ink Sprays, (5) Small Dylusions Art Journal, (6) Matte Medium, (7) Distress Oxide Inks, (8) Clear Embossing Powder, (9) Gel Medium, (10) Distress Markers, (11) Sizzix Vagabond Diecutting Machine, (12) Distress Spray Stains, (13) Dylusions Paints, (14) Tim Holtz Stamping Platform, (15) Jet Black Archival Ink, (16) Tonic Scissors, (17) Distress Inks, (18) Gesso, (19) Ink Blending Tools, and (20) Large Dylusions Art Journal.

  1. Stencils – One of my very favorite tools for altering any surface!  The possibilities are endless when you use stencils. Try a variety of styles and look for designs within the main design… using parts of stencils, rather than the whole design, is a way to make your own personal mark.
  2. Nonstick Craft Mat –  This is superior for blending inks and paints, and can be used as a palette as well as a heat-resistant embossing surface.
  3. Heat-It Tool – My go-to tool for setting Distress Inks and speeding up the drying process for paint and ink.
  4. Dylusions Ink Sprays– These sprays are my all-time favorite of all the spray colorants on the market.  I have loads of free tutorials using these on my blog.
  5. Small Dylusions Art Journal – The quality of this Dylusions art journal is unmatched. The pages can stand up to paint and all sorts of wet mediums.  This journal measures approximately 5X8.”
  6. Matte Medium – I use Matte Medium to adhere almost anything and everything. A must in every toolkit, in my opinion!
  7. Distress Oxide Inks – You know I’m a fiend for regular Distress Inks… have you tried what these can do? Treat yourself and experiment with a few of these… they’re a combo of both pigment ink and dye ink, and they react marvelously with water.
  8. Clear Embossing Powder  – I know this is old school, but I love me some plain old clear embossing powder.  Since Distress Inks and Distress Oxide Inks are embossable, I only need clear powder.
  9. Gel Medium– I use gel medium when attaching heavier items to my art journal pages (lightweight wood and metal, heavy chipboard, etc.)
  10. Distress Markers – Here’s a set that’s perfect for the person in your life who draws, doodles, or Zentangles. Also great for lettering as they have dual tips.
  11. Sizzix Vagabond Diecutting Machine – The ease and simplicity of this machine makes me smile. I keep mine out on my work table year round. It’s fast, quiet, and efficient.
  12. Distress Spray Stains – If you’re looking to mix up your spray colorants, this is my second favorite of all! Spray them, stamp with them, and use them in a variety of creative ways.
  13. Dylusions Paints – This vibrant line of paints coordinates with the Dylusions Ink Sprays and is also great on its own.  Very quick drying and easy to write over… perfect for art journaling!
  14. Tim Holtz Stamping Platform – I didn’t think I needed this until I saw Tim Holtz demo it and then BAM! I was sold.  Sometimes when we stamp an image we don’t get a clear impression. This handy platform allows you to stamp the same image over and over again without every missing the mark, meaning you end up with a crisp clean image no matter what.
  15. Jet Black Archival Ink – This is to art journaling like water is to humans.  You just need it.  It’s essential.
  16. Tonic Scissors – I have these in all three sizes and use them constantly. Strong enough for chipboard!
  17. Distress Inks – If you know me you know these are my #1 favorite inks. I have loads of free tutorials on my blog demonstrating how to use them. They’re reactive with water, embossable, and able to perform amazing acts of creativity!
  18. Gesso – This primes your page and is useful for two reasons – it seals your pages, making it less porous, which means you use less paint on your projects (and saves money because paint is more expensive than gesso.)
  19. Ink Blending Tools – These are a must if you are using Distress Inks or Distress Oxide Inks.  I have one tool for every color family, but you can get by with one tool and several replacement foam pads (they tear on and off easily with Velcro so you can substitute a pad each time you switch colors, and then reuse them.)
  20. Large Dylusions Art Journal – When you want a bigger surface to work in, this is the book to choose!  It’s heavenly and like the smaller one mentioned in #5 above, this one stands up to whatever wet products you may choose to use.  This one is approximately 9X12.”

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