Art Journaling with the Kitchen Sink (Tutorial)

art-journaling-kitchen-sinkOkay, it’s not really the kitchen sink… it’s paint, archival inks, a Gelli Plate, copy paper, stencils, canvas, diecuts, two embossing folders, stamps, and alphabet letters. Whew!

Carolyn Dube’s Gelli Plate Party got me started on this page, plus I knew Eclectic Paperie was starting a canvas challenge today, and the Fall Fearless & Fly challenge includes the color yellow.

After I got the print done the way I wanted, I added some Monarch Orange archival ink with stencils, then crumpled the page into a ball for added texture:

     DSC01393 DSC01395 DSC01396

Next I inserted a corner of the print into a Sizzix Texture Fade folder, folding the remaining paper around it so it would fit into my Vagabond. I dry embossed two sections of the print this way. That’s a major benefit of working on a loose page, because of course you couldn’t put your whole art journal in there.

     DSC01405 DSC01408

I did some more stenciling, then colored, stamped and applied the canvas circles. I used a different Gelli print to cut the Sizzix Washer Border die. The print didn’t look like much on its own, but I love the cut from it:


I stamped Dyan Reaveley’s leaves onto packaging waste and moved it around the page to see where I’d like to use it. I do that all the time to try out positioning, because once you stamp in archival ink – you’d better be sure you meant it.


I set up my small word on a scrap of cardboard, to make the tiny letters easier to work with, and to pop it up off the page.  Then I did the same packaging/positioning trick to decide on placement for my letters.

If you’d care to see more, I did a tutorial on using the Gelli Plate last month here.

ENABLER ALERT: Dick Blick has the
Gelli Arts Printing Plate
 on sale right now.

Hope you’ll pop over to the Eclectic Paperie blog for our canvas challenge, and also be sure to visit Carolyn’s Gelli Plate Party, which runs through Monday.  Thanks so much for visiting!


Your comments are very much appreciated!


  1. Wow! You’re so talented Marjie you have done such a beautiful project. I loved it!

  2. An awesome start for the new year with new creative ideas.

  3. Oh, I am loving this! What a great way to use up all those Gel prints. Super inspired!
    ;-> Felicia
    The Journal Junkie

  4. Great colour Marjie and love all the techniques! The sentiment is also fab! x

  5. Fabulous canvas, Marjie!! I love the colors and how you added all the texture!!

  6. Love this, Marjie!!!! (ps. I might have left a comment before, but don’t remember so I’m leaving one now to be sure :-))

  7. How cool, that’s a wonderful piece of art.

  8. This is FABULOUS, Marjie!!!

  9. Margie I looove your work!!!
    This is gorgeous and thanks for the tutorial going to give this a go for sure.

  10. WOOOOW this is amazing. What a great work and so beautiful. Fantastic tutorial pictures Marjie.
    lovely greet

  11. a BIG Congrats!!! Looking forward to creating with DRD stamps!!!

  12. This looks such fun Marjie to create the background but it is when you take that background and turn it into amazing art, that is the secret recipe.

  13. Already got my Blick GAP but haven’t even opened them up yet…shame on me! OKAY…taking the page out, totally altering it with everything yummy, and then putting it back in…really? YOU ROCK!!! You are going to shake up the AJ world! AMAZING page and AMAZING you! I love it!

  14. Really neat journal page. Several things I am unfamiliar with. Vagabond, and how did you get those small letters? I just got a Cricut for Christmas. Can I cut letters like that? Did you back them with individually cut squares of black? Great ideas for placement and for raising the words off the page.

  15. You know I LOVE it!!!! I love the bright color and absolutely love your tip about using package waste for positioning. Oh and I’ve got a confession…. I’ve had the Gelli Plate for a while, still have to break it out and use it. Like my canvas, I’m a bit initmidated, lo.
    Love the texture and the sentiment….. without a doubt one I can totally relate to!

  16. A very Happy New Year to you and your family Marjie. fab tutotial and i so love the texture on this piece.
    can I just say thank you for sharing all your wonderful makes and for being a follower of my blog. Your comments and encouragement are so appreciated.
    best Wishes for 2013
    Annie xx

  17. fabulous! Thanks for the detailed share, I loved all the details. Kim

  18. Hi Marjie- sorry I kind of fell off the face of the earth there for a bit. Glad to see you’re as productive as always. I loved seeing your picture on Kate’s YIR post- I can’t imagine a better person to meet up with at the Ink Pad. And the mustache suits! Also, you ARE such an enabler- I am the last person to have one of these Gelli Plates, and now I might just HAVE to buy one. Thanks for the tutorial!

  19. really cool. I love the tip about stamping on packaging waste! I could use that a lot. It would save me in Gesso (to cover up my mis-stamps)!
    Great ideas!

  20. Donna-Marie says:

    This is very coooollll!!!! I love the idea of stamping on the plastic to see if it goes…GREAT IDEA!!

  21. This page is simply amazing! Love the color! So bright and fun! Love the textures, and the trick for those tiny letters!!! You did a stunning job!!!!

  22. AWESOME! Fantastic to see the progress!
    Thank you!
    a healthy and sucessfull new year and a big hug from

  23. Hi Marjie! Love it! The artwork is beautiful, it jumps right off the page! 🙂

  24. This is such a fun project! I love the bright cheerful vibe it gives.
    You can tell you had a blast making it.

  25. So pretty and vibrant! You sure are rockin’ that gelli plate, girl. I’m going to have to put that on my list. Thanks for sharing your awesome art!

  26. Hi Marjie, this is a real eye catching beauty! It certainly brightens up a damp, miserable day. I love that technique with the clear acetate and also love the way you did your lettering, both are such great tips. Great tutorial and fabulous canvas. I think I now need a gelli plate……… Hugs, Anne x

  27. WOW! Marjie love the texture you have in this piece! The yellow is SO bright and happy! No imperfection here 🙂

  28. Wow.. I don’t work with yellow, but you made it gorgeous. Great tute! Thank you.

  29. Love this page and the step outs. Love the “packaging positioning” trick — gonna stick that in my back pocket. Also love how you glued your small letters on the strip of cardboard — another neat “trick!”Your finished page is gorgeously rich and I love the message!

  30. You must have had so much fun Marjie!!! The result is amazing..gorgeous yellow and love the tutorial pictures!
    Greetings, Alie 🙂

  31. Vibrant!

  32. Yum, love the vibrant yellow and the texture fade addition. Lots of cool techniques giving your piece a wow factor. xox

  33. Wow!! This is so much fun!! Using the embossing folders, fabulous, using acetate to decide where to stamp your leaves, great tip! A stunning creation!

  34. This is amazing! Your trick with the letters on the scrap is brilliant! And the using only part of the page in the embossing folder-lightbulb moment. I think that is one of the coolest tings about a gelli print- it becomes even more wonderful when you cut it up! So glad you joined the party!!

  35. Stunning!! Love the tip about stamping on acetate to check positioning, thanks for that – and I love seeing your letters all stuck to their bit of tape. Fabulous, fabulous page – what amazing techniques and textures – love it!
    Alison x

  36. Oh my goodness Marjie, thanks for letting the world know about the Gelli plate, I had no idea it even existed. I must have one!! What a great way to do stencils. Your page is awesome, the yellow is great!!!

  37. Your brilliant colors totally lit up my drab winter day – beautiful colors and textures. Thanks for sharing how you did the dry embossing. Awesome piece of mixed media!

  38. WOW!! This is AMAZING!! I am in LOVE with the YELLOW and all the textures!! GORGEOUS!!! Thanks for sharing how you made it!!!

  39. I am trying VERY hard not to purchase the Gelli Plates, but you make it very difficult to resist, Marjie! Love this piece. So much texture and movement.

  40. Fun page! Hugs, Valerie