Art Journaling with Tags

Kemperjournal22213Here are some deep thoughts from Dyan Reaveley's sentiment stamps, included on an art journal page that began, oddly enough, last October.  I made this page then: 

It's one of my favorites. I love the colors and how heavy the page is (loads of extra heavy gesso embedding the tags), and that I used so many different materials, including some very old ones. And also because it made all three of my sisters wonder which one I was talking about!  

Once you make an odd-sized page, though, you need another idea for the back of it. Slowly over these last few months I've added bits of 'mop up' to it.  Stencils and paint really built it up and then I thought to number the sentiments, like rules to live by.

Kemperjournal22213a And don't you love Dyan's sentiment stamps?

If you read the older post you'll see my rave review of Julie Fei-Fen Balzer and how I got the page with embedded tags idea during one of her classes. If you get the chance to take a class with Julie, do!

And if you're in New England and you have time tomorrow, come join me at the Great American Stamp Store for my art journaling class… there's one seat left!

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  1. I’m missing words, such a fantastic piece of art. Great texture and details.

  2. Such texture and colours ! Gorgeous pages Marjie!

  3. Gorgeous

  4. oh my gosh..what great composition.. the colors are aweosome to this and everthing goes so fantastic togehter!

  5. I hope your class was amazing! This page sure is! The red rocks! The tags and Dyan quote do! Oh the layered colors and stencils and bits of images….LOVE!!!!

  6. I am SO excited to know (finally) how to add something to my art journal. Thank you!!! This page is amazing. I love all the layers and colors. Really beautiful Margie!! Great work!!!

  7. Oh My Little Lady!!! This is over the top!!! Colors are so rich, bold and knock OUT!!
    Love it..
    Hugs Vada

  8. Beautiful page Marjie. I love all that red. Like the idea of embedding those tags to form a page too. I’ll have to look that one up!

  9. Fab page!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. OMG! This is even better on your blog! WOW!!!!!!!! I really love it Marjie. Love your journaling too as well as all the colours and tags! Awesome! Michelle x

  11. Oh, that page made me giggle! And the “companion” is equally wonderful. Love the vibrant colors, and the text that lies behind the numbers. Fab sentiments and amazing texture. I love the way the yellows/golds illuminate the page. That is my favorite part!

  12. I have no words for it Marjie, such a great artwork and beautiful, beautiful colors and combination.
    lovely greet and nice weekend

  13. Great pages Marjie with impressive colouring!!! And of course your gorgeous creativity!!!
    have a nice weekend, Alie 🙂

  14. Wonderful, Marjie – I can almost feel those pages – I used to do pages like that all the time! Lovely – puts me more in mind of an altered book than a journal but fabulous work and a great idea x

  15. Your page has heaps of depth & feeling and I like the vibrant colours. I really like pages that evolve over time much more than ones I do in one sitting, they always seem more alive to me.

  16. Great vibrant colors. Love the tags. Makes me want to start art journalling again. Great pages.

  17. That is gorgeous. Love the deep, vibrant colors!!!!! And yes, love her sentiments! I just took her Gelli Plate online class and love her. I plan on taking some more, but am having to scale back a bit. I do the Donna Downey online monthly canvas one, Lifebook, SheArt, Junelle Jacobson, lol….. oh yeah and just signed up to take two live classes in OKC…. a 6 hour drive.
    I am just lovin’ that red color :-).

  18. Wow! Those colours…the tags…the quotes…the mop -ups!! Love it all…Amazing!!! Chrisx

  19. Fantastic page! I love the colors, and I am always looking for ideas to use tags. Terrific sentiments too…it’s a good thing to have positive phrases to remind us that we are strong creative souls…

  20. The embedding- so heavenly! Your page just looks loaded with paint and mixed media goodness!

  21. I remember that page.
    A brilliant idea to number the sentiments – love that idea so much.
    Also the way your mop ups added such depth to the backgrounds.
    Have fun tomorrow!

  22. Love, love, love this page, love Dyan’s sentiments too. I remember the first page and loved it but this one is amazing, the depth of colour is wonderful. Unfortunately I have left it a bit late to get to the airport to catch a flight or I would be there tomorrow – lol. Have fun! Hugs, Anne x

  23. Wow! That background looks fantastic Marjie! x

  24. Totally amazing… I think I even like it better than the first side! Glorious quotes, and such beautiful colours and depth – completely, completely wonderful!
    Alison x

  25. Fabulous and very special, Marjie!

  26. This deep red is just amazing. To achieve this richness.. oh my. Gesso is our friend.. love what you did. Love to get inspired by you. BRAVO!!

  27. Shelly Schmidt says:

    Oh, I love this page- love the colors and ….everything! Oh, you are talking about a ‘creative’ sister, aren’t you???

  28. Gorgeous page Marjie…the colours as so incredible. Really wish I was anywhere near New England as I’d grab that last seat in a heartbeat. Great inspiration…I have a pile of misc. tags that I never know how/where to use. Now I guess I have no excuse 🙂

  29. Marjie – your page is awesome!! I can not wait to do my own embedded tags!! Good thing I have lots of journals going at the same time so I can keep creating while the tags dry!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  30. I think that witchie sistah you were talking about is me! Love your pages, favtastic colours. I am just working with tags for Carolyn’s page today. Have fun at your course tomorrow, wish I was neareer, I’d be there! Hugs, Valerie

  31. I agree with everything that has already been said~spectacular sums it up!! thanks for stopping by my blog!!!:):) and yes she does make me smaile!!!

  32. wow wow wow (for the 1, 2, 3)! This is so beautiful. Gonna go back and read your older post and really Marjie – this is spectacular. Love the fact that this page built up over time, and was inspired by the shape of what was behind it. Simply gorgeous.

  33. This page is gorgeous! I went back and read your older post too and looks like a fun technique to try. I have some books laying around so maybe will continue with the altering thing. Haven’t done that in a long time. Have a great time tomorrow!

  34. Have a great class tomorrow and hopefully the weather with be decent! Love the added tickets to the journal pages! Wonderful project! Hugs!

  35. Love your page and it’s embedded juiciness. I really enjoyed and chuckled at your story of your sisters wondering which one you were talking about……I will keep extra heavy gesso in loads on my mind! xox

  36. Wish I could be with you again, one day???? Love the vibrancy of this page Marjie and great work as always.
    hugs {brenda} x0x

  37. Love love love love these!! LOVING the tags and loveeeeeeee that ‘witch’ quote! LOL!!!