Art Journal ~ Missing You


Missing my mom, gone 2 years tomorrow. This is one of those pages where I had a background done for ages and didn’t know what I’d do with it… and today the female silhouette mask came to mind and I thought she’d be a wonderful remembrance of my very wise, funny, and loving mom.


Playing with inks, paints, stencils, and old alphabet letters.  The lettering stencil is one of Tim Holtz’s new ones.

Thanks for the visit and peace to all who are missing loved ones, especially on September 11th.



Your comments are very much appreciated!


  1. I have some catching up to do! This is gorgeous Marjie! xx

  2. Oh, to be Seth! Stencil, next best thing!!

  3. Marjie…I am just now hearing about and seeing Seth’s stencils through this StencilGirl blog hop. They are way cool and I love how this wonderful group of artists have used them. Where I live, there is ONE scrapbook store and they are NOT into mixed media. Even the store I teach at 40 minutes from here doesn’t carry these stencils. They need to! 🙂 Now … specifically to what you’ve done on your journal page. It’s amazing and such a wonderful tribute to the memory of your mom. My mom has been gone since 1995 and I still miss her everyday. I don’t think we ever stop missing them. 🙂 Your page is lovely and such a sweet and very “YOU” way of honoring your mom. <3 Candy

  4. love it

  5. What a fitting way to use this stencil1

  6. Great job with Seth’s stencil. Love the layering and all the color!

  7. Lost my mother 2 years ago also. I love the vibrancy of your page and it shouts “LIVE” to me. Very well done.

  8. She will have guided you whilst making this page Marjie…a great tribute…a great memory

  9. I knew the minute I read the title and saw the silhouette that this was for your mother, and then of course the date! HUGS!!! Love the color…amazing! Beautiful piece!

  10. A very intense page for a deep feeling, Marjie.

  11. What a beautiful tribute to your mom 🙂 So much depth in this….as in the thought.

  12. What a lovely tribute to your mom! Really beautiful colors. Sending a big hug your way.

  13. It is always difficult! I miss my parents everyday! This is beautiful, Marjie! Hugs!

  14. A fabulous page, a wonderful tribute to you mum.

  15. Marjie
    This is a touching way in which to honour your Mum.
    A day filled with sadness but also I hope a day when you remember the wonderful memories you will have.
    Stunning use of the stencil, the impact is incredible.
    Wishes to you on this day.
    P.S. 9/11 has very much been in my mind.

  16. Amazing, Marjie! Love it, what a great silhouette! And the purple is really pretty! Hugs, Sandra

  17. A beautiful page Marjie and a wonderful tribute to your Mum. I just love the gorgeous colours and your wonderful layering. Hugs, Anne x

  18. This is absolutely gorgeous, Marjie.

    So sorry you are missing your Mom badly. i bet she was wise, funny, and loving, too, just like you. Bet she would be proud of you,

    Lucy x

  19. The colours are so beautiful and just right for the emotions – beautiful work Marjie. Thank you for sharing!

  20. Marjie, I also lost my mom, but it was three years ago in 2011. I think about her every day. I wish I were as good an art journalist as you are, because I would really love to do an art journal page in honor of her. I sure wish she were here!

  21. Marjie…this is such a soulful piece…and while the silhouette seems empty at first, I then notice all the beautiful colors and images hidden there….like memories that fill the void. Hugs to you, my dear. xoxo

  22. This is just amazing Marjie, I love the background and the tribute is so wonderful. Don’t you just love it when a page comes together so great!!

  23. Missing Mom is never easy. It’s been 32 years for me. Longer than I care to remember, yet she shows up all the time in different ways…Lovely piece on this day especially. A time to remember everyone we love. xox

  24. Absolutley gorgeous tribute to your mom. The colors are so beautiful.

    Thanks for the suggestion Bloglovin! I’m going to check it out.

  25. What a beautiful tribute to your mom!

  26. what a beautiful page. Seeing the closeness between you and your siblings, I can only imagine what a warm, nurturing presence your mom provided. Just a beautiful tribute.

  27. A lovely page to pay tribute to your mum. sadly the ‘missing’ never passes its been 22years since I lost my lovely mum but i know I’m lucky to have some very happy memories xx

  28. A beautiful tribute to your mum Marjie, it would have been my mums birthday yesterday and I miss her too. Love this piece.
    hugs {brenda} x0x

  29. A wonderful page and a beautiful tribute to your mum! Love the subtle layering and colour shades, stunning!

  30. A wonderful page for a special memory! Blessings… :))

  31. sending hugs and warm thoughts, A gorgeous page x

  32. LOVE it! The black around the stencil makes her look so powerful, yet almost other-worldly. It’s perfect.

  33. Marjie, my prayers are with you.. I know the feeling of loss.. my mom has been gone for almost 10 years.

  34. You create the most AMAZING pages!! The colors, the textures …just GORGEOUS!!!!!!

  35. How meaningful and yet so colorful and serene. Mom is with you.. she sees this, too.

  36. This spoke to me a lot. You know why. Thanks for sharing you wonderful talent.

    • Oh Marjie — incredible work. The silhouette is amazing, but it’s your background that gives such depth to the piece. Phenomenal!!! I love it … really, really love it!!! My dad passed away 2 years ago in November. There are so many things I would love to share with him — I miss him too. One day I will get a chance to share with him once more. Peace to you as well.

      Thanks for visiting my latest post. I stepped out of my comfort zone to share my story. I appreciate your support. It was not easy to do. I’m grateful for art. It helps me communicate when words are hard to come by. Like this piece, your work continues to inspire me to share. — Mary Elizabeth