Art Is You Registration Closes Monday


If you’re a regular here, you’ve already heard about Art Is You Mixed Media Art Retreat, but in case it’s new to you… please take a gander at the list of Workshops Available in Stamford, CT in October 2014.  Registration is closing on Monday the 15th, so give yourself a moment to see what’s available while there’s still time.

I am offering my Art Journaling Affirmations workshop on Monday, October 13 (Columbus Day), and I’ll be taking workshops on two of the other days (the retreat is 5 days long and you can come for a single day, or all 5 if you’re really lucky!). These are the lovely and welcoming organizers, Sal and Ellen:

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They’ll welcome you like they know you, even if it’s your first time.  I promise… this’ll be my fourth time!

I can personally vouch for the following instructors, as I’ve taken a class from each one of them at prior events:  MaryBeth Shaw, Pam Carriker, Jodi Ohl, Seth Apter, Kecia Deveney, Andrea DeMeng, Michael DeMeng, Sally Lynn MacDonald, and Keith LoBue.  I also know and admire several of the other teachers’ work and styles, like Jessica Sporn and Cat Kerr.  Click here to find links to all the teachers’ workshops.

Honestly, I don’t think you can go wrong with a single course option at this Retreat.  Whether you like to work with metal, fabric, glass, paper, canvas, or clay… there’s something for EVERYONE.

generosity color-1In addition to all the creative play and learning you’ll do in your workshops, there’s such a spirit of community you’ll be bound to form new friendships at this event. And there’s always a charity component, with many people creating art for auction, as well as art for others.  Last year dozens of art journals were created at the event and sent to the troops.  Funds have gone to Hurricane Sandy Victims and many other causes (see Generosity here).

Here’s the project I’ll be teaching on Columbus Day (Monday, October 13):




As I mentioned, registration closes on Monday.  This allows teachers enough time to order supplies for kits to ensure each attendee has exactly what they need on-site.  I hope to see you there, whether it’s in my workshop or any of the others.  Come if you can!  Remember, it can be 1 day or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5.  Treat yourself.

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  1. I wish I lived over on the East coast, Marjie!! I’d be there in a NY minute 😉 🙂 XOXO-Shari T.

  2. Sun sounds like a fun time and one day!!! Happy Weekend, GF!

  3. Love your work Marjie. I just did the Art Is You in Australia and hope you can get to come here sometime.

  4. So fun!!!!