10 Art Journal Pages from Wanderlust 2019

Art Journaling Pages from Wanderlust 2019 Online Course

This is the last month that Wanderlust can be purchased, so I wanted to take a moment to shine a light on the diverse projects students have posted.

What is Wanderlust?

Wanderlust is fantastic! It’s a themed year-long online mixed media art and art journaling course.  Content comes in the form of video lessons from 26 instructors over the course of 48 weeks.  Wanderlust is in its fourth year providing high-quality full length videos.  It's organized  by Kasia Avery.  All videos are streamable from the Wanderlust website with LIFETIME access.

If you’d like to join the fun, come on over to Wanderlust 2019 and enroll in the course.   You get immediate access to all the lessons that have been released so far. Additionally, you’ll get a new lesson every Friday going forward.

Sample Project

I taught a mixed media art journaling project called “Face the Facts” in Wanderlust this year.  Here is a look at my class sample:

Wanderlust 2019 art journal project (Marjie Kemper)

Wanderlust 2019 Student Work

And here are ten different spins on it.  I absolutely LOVE the variety. Check out the many different artistic paths people followed to come up with their own pages! I am a big fan of using what you have on hand, and I encouraged folks to use stamps, stencils, magazine pages, and freehand.

Art journal by Cheryl Turpie - Student Work in Wanderlust 2019

Cheryl Turpie

Art Journal by Agnieszka Er - Student Work in Wanderlust 2019

Agnieska Er

Art Journal by Heather Lynn - Student Work in Wanderlust 2019

Heather Lynn

Art Journal by Carolyn Collins - Student Work in Wanderlust 2019

Carolyn Collins

Art Journal by Eve Champagne - Student Work in Wanderlust 2019

Eve Champagne

Art Journal by Cathy Blodgett Lord - Student Work in Wanderlust 2019

Cathy Blodgett-Lord

Art Journal by Anne McCrudden - Student Work in Wanderlust 2019

Anne McCrudden

Art Journal by Annick Danheux - Student Work in Wanderlust 2019

Annick Danheux

Want to Take the Class?

Kasia is closing the shopping cart at the end of the month, so don't wait too long.  Use my instructor/affiliate link to sign up.

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Art journal pages from Wanderlust 2019

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